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Floor of a house for sale and rent near Plovdiv

As a leading company on the Bulgarian real estate market BULGARIAN PROPERTIES offer a wide choice of floor of a house for rent and sale in Bulgaria. Moreover, we do everything possible to offer our clients numerous offers for floor of a house near Plovdiv. This way you can choose the type of property that suits you best house, villa, plot of land, commercial areas, etc. set close to Plovdiv.

On this page you can view all our offers of floor of a house located near Plovdiv. Each offer contains detailed information and photos. In the links below you will also find detailed information about all other types of properties we offer near Plovdiv.

If you wish to receive more information please contact your sales agent whose details you will find under the photos of the property. You can also receive advice whether the floor of a house and its location will suit your needs and whether if you can rent the property out or resell it at a good price.

We hope that among our offers of floor of a house for sale and rent near Plovdiv you will find the property you are looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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You have floor of a house for sale near Plovdiv?
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Floors of a large family house in Belashtitsa village near Plovdiv Near Plovdiv Three floors of a 4-storey residential building with exceptional views of the city and the surroundings Take a look at our new offer for the sale of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors in a large family residential building on 4 floors in the village of Belashtitsa, with beautiful views of the village and Plovdiv (7.8 km to the city airport and 3 km from the ring road of Plovdiv). The
€ 385 000
1 100.00 m2 (350€/m2)
Type of property: Floor of a house
Stefan Mollov Senior Estate Agent, Plovdiv
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