Let’s start by saying a few words about who we are: BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is a Bulgarian real estate agency founded in 2003. Since its founding we managed to become the absolute leader in property sales in Bulgaria – both to foreign and Bulgarian clients. We have an unbeaten sales record, the greatest variety of offers, an extensive branch network, excellent customer services and a perfect reputation among our clients and partners. All respected national and foreign media request from us up-to-date information on a daily basis about the real estate market and its trends.

Using the services of our company you will have maximum access to the potential buyers of your property.

Here are some figures: every day our company website is visited by 10,000 different clients. Every day our offices and brokers perform over 20 viewings. Every day we receive between 400 and 500 enquiries from potential buyers.


I. Services included in our commission - you receive all this free of charge on a No sale - No fee basis:

Pricing and marketing pack:

1. Property price estimation – we will make our own research about the present market price of the property and we will consult you about the sale price depending on the specific case and needs. We will also advise you about the price of the property depending on how fast you want to sell it. We will inform you about any changes on the real estate market in the country which would make necessary a change in the price of your property so that it is adequate in terms of the new market conditions.

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NOTE: For an additional fee we can organize a professional valuation of your property, which will be produced in writing and will be prepared by a certified valuation expert (it can be either according to Bulgarian standards, or RICS valuation). Send a request

2. Preparing a marketing pack for a property listing - as part of our marketing activities we will prepare a full pack of materials for creating the property offer to make it most attractive. These include:

• Comprehensive and informative description of your property, its characteristics and qualities in at least 3 languages: English, Bulgarian and Russian. This will allow us to advertise your property in all the language versions on our sites, as well as to the main nationalities buying properties in Bulgaria.

• High-quality digital pictures of your property will be taken by our local agent who will be responsible for the sale and administration of your property. Your property will be advertised by at least 15 photos.

• A video clip of your property will be made with a digital camcorder by the sales agent who will be responsible for the sale and administration of your offer. The video clip will be attached to your offer published on our websites.

• Floor plans of the property will be drafted by the responsible agent. The sizes of the rooms will be shown, as well as their position in the property, the main elements of the rooms (doors, windows, staircases, furniture).


3. Publishing the property on the site www.BulgarianProperties.com - one of the greatest advantages you will have if you publish your offer on our website is that it will also appear on our main company website www.BulgarianProperties.com and its other main language versions www.BulgarianProperties.bg (in Bulgarian), www.BulgarianProperties.ru (in Russian).

Our site was launched in 2002 and at present it is the most popular corporate website for properties in Bulgaria with more than 10,000 unique visitors per day! Annually we attract more than 2 million unique visitors. Moreover, www.BulgarianProperties.com is also the number one site in terms of the organic results when searching with Google for properties in Bulgaria.

4. Publishing the properties that are suitable for Russion buyers in the Russia's leading property portals - Prian.ru where BULGARIAN PROPERTIES maintain over 5,000 active property listings.

5. Listing your property on Domaza.ru and Domaza.bg - this is a site with a very fast growing popularity among Russian and Bulgarian buyers.

6. Publishing of your property in the leading property listings portal in Bulgaria - www.imot.bg, which is our main strategic partner. We are present in the portal through banners and some offers.

7. Advertising your property in one of the fastest growing and actively advertised property portals Homes.bg and their commercial property division OfficeSpace.bg, if your property is commercial. Homes.bg is a brand of the creators of Jobs.bg - the most popular job portal in Bulgaria.

8. Publishing of the property on A Place in the Sun website.

9. All our new properties for sale and for rent, as well as all newly discounted properties, are sent to our subscribers and their friends in social media through our Facebook and Twitter pages in 3 languages - Bulgarian, English and Russian.

10. We also prepare video clips and publish them on our channel in YouTube.

11. Publishing of your property in the 2 printed brochures our company issues twice a year. They are distributed among thousands of potential clients who visit us in our offices, on property exhibitions as well as all our partners’ offices around the world.

12. Promoting your property through our extensive network of partners of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES – through our partners and affiliates your property will be shown to millions of potential buyers around the world. Currently we have more than 600 partners covering more than 50 nationalities around the globe.

13. Presentation of your property through our newsletters with latest ads, top and discounted properties, and market news which go to over 90,000 potential buyers. The newsletters are produced in 3 languages – English, Bulgarian and Russian.

14. Presentation of your property through our Property Alerts service which sends an e-mail with properties fitting the criteria set by the client. This means that your property will reach the best targeted group of potential buyers on the very day of its publishing on our website. If your offer is attractive then you might conclude the deal in a matter of days.

15. Participating in property exhibitions in the UK, Russia and Bulgaria, organizing of regular promotions and seminars with the aim of stimulating sales, attracting potential clients and realizing as many deals as possible. These campaigns are at our expense and do not affect the price conditions we have agreed for the sale of your property.

Viewings, negotiations, mediation and legal support:

16. We stay in constant touch with all potential buyers of your property and provide technical and legal information about it – we undertake to do everything possible including to mediate negotiations between you and the potential client with the aim of concluding a deal under the best conditions for both parties.

17. We will act in your best interest – we will try to achieve the highest possible price for your property depending on the present market conditions.

18. Legal protection and tax consultation in order to complete the sale in your best interest - you will receive professional tax and legal advice from our experts – financiers and certified lawyers. This will optimize your tax duties and legal security when transferring the property rights.

19. We will keep you informed about viewings of the property and interest towards it by potential buyers. Our policy is to reply to potential buyers as fast as possible and organize viewings at the most convenient time, even in the evenings and during weekends and holidays.

20. Preparation of the necessary property documents for completion of the sale – we will assist you prepare all the necessary paperwork at your expense. Our lawyers will check all the property documents, including those that are prepared by 3rd parties (notary public, etc) in order to provide best legal protection for you.

21. Assistance and advice in receiving the property price from the buyer.

22. Payment of property taxes due, payment for maintenance, accountancy and other amounts due, deregistration of the property at the municipality and others.

II. Additional services - we can offer you the following services against an additional fee:

1. FOR SALE signs – to attract extra attention to the property we will produce a big blue For Sale sign in 2 languages (English or Russian and Bulgarian). This sign will be placed on a visible side of your balcony or window. This is a very useful and powerful marketing technique which will attract potential clients passing by to the site.

2. Professional video clip of the property – again, this is a very powerful marketing technique and when done professionally, makes the property easy to buy, even unseen. The video clip will be attached to your offer on our websites.

3. Expert evaluation report – a professional property appraiser (incl. RICS valuation surveyor) can prepare a written report for the current market price of your property.

4. Aerial mast photos of your property and the surroundings taken from a height. Extremely efficient and persuasive marketing tool as it shows your property from all angles, as well as the surroundings and the views from it.

5. Property leaflet in folded A4 format printed in 2,000 copies. This is a colour leaflet with lots of pictures and description of your property, which will be distributed among all our offices, during property exhibitions and partners around the world.

6. Property refurbishment and renovation to make it look better and more attractive for sale.

7. Services upon request – if you desire a particular marketing service that is not listed above, let us know and we will make a quote for it. As the most innovative company providing marketing services for real estate, there is almost no service we cannot provide.

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