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Property in Arbanasi region for sale and rent

Arbanasi (or Arbanassi) is one of the most picturesque old settlements in Bulgaria. The village of Arbanasi is situated close to Veliko Tarnovo - it is only four kilometres away. It dates back to the 15th century and it is set on a plateau facing Tzarevetz and Trapezitsa hills. The picturesque atmosphere of the village is due to the unique architecture of the houses - each with high and strong surrounding walls and massive wooden gates.

During the XVI-th and the XVII-th centuries the houses in the village acquired their typical imposing appearance. Today, they look like strongholds with their high stone walls, but their outer facades contrast with their inside coziness and comfort. The ceilings, doors, furniture and windows are abundant in wood-carving and the walls in plaster ornaments.

The whole complex is a remarkable site. The famous Arbanasi houses are unique. The oldest buildings are similar with the Tarnovo boyar house. They are like small fortresses, completely made of stone. They have strong stone gates and sentry boxes. It is not only the remarkable houses that are very interesting in Arbanasi. There are spectacular fountains with big eaves Kokonska and Pazarska fountains and the seven Arbanassi churches are among the most remarkable monuments of the Bulgarian art.
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Fully furnished house in Arbanasi Arbanasi A lovely 3-storey property suitable for guest house in the unique village of Arbanasi A lovely 3- storey house with excellent potential to be used for a guest house in the unique village of Arbanasi, just 4 km from the city of Veliko Tarnovo, is for sale or could be rented for a long period of time! Located in the beginning of the settlement, the property is
on request
Area: 427 m2  Garden: 920 m2
Type of property: House
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
For sale
Land with large area and beautiful views in the village of Arbanassi Arbanasi Land property for investment in a picturesque developed area We offer a land property up to regulation with an area of 16 477 sq.m., located minutes from the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The property has the status of agricultural land. Nearby are some of the most preferred recreational hotels in the area. Beautiful landscapes surround
€ 450 000
16 477.00 m2 (27 €/m2)
Type of property: Land
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
For sale
Fully equipped hotel, a restaurant, a house and a yard in the center of popular Arbanassi village Arbanasi Hotel with restaurant and residential property with a garden in Arbanassi village The property consists of two adjacent to one another buildings with a common garden of 1100 m2 and a total area of 930 square meters. One building is fully equipped and furnished, ready to be used as a restaurant, and the other is a spacious house finished outside and inside.
€ 1 020 000
Area: 921 m2  Garden: 1 095 m2
Type of property: Hotel
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
For sale
Hotel in Arbanasi Arbanasi For sale - hotel The Hotel is situated in the village of Arbanasi, 4 kilometers East from Veliko Turnovo. Right next to the complex is the With 46 double rooms, 4 triple rooms, 6 studios and 2 suites distributed in four interconnected buildings and courtyard with specially designed
€ 6 300 000
Area: 5 000 m2  Garden: 5 982 m2
Type of property: Hotel
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
For sale
Agricultural land in Arbanasi Arbanasi For sale - agricultural land We offer you this agricultural land with a total area of 14,047 m2. From the inside you will be able to enjoy wonderful forest views, hills views, meadow views, mountain views, town views and village views. Within a short distance from the property there is a bus stop. Close by
€ 351 175
14 047.00 m2 (25 €/m2)
Type of property: Agricultural land
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
For sale
Plot of land in Arbanassi with great location Arbanasi Excellent opportunity for investment Plot of land with excellent location in a village Arbanassi. The property is 716 sq.m. It has year-round easy access. Electricity and water are available in the property. It is located on the southern slope overlooking the village and Veliko Tarnovo town. It is situated in a
€ 71 600
716.00 m2 (100 €/m2)
Type of property: Land
Dimitar Pavlov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
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