Viewing trips to Bulgaria
Viewing trips to Bulgaria
Our Viewings Team can organise your entire visit, from the moment you arrive in Bulgaria until the moment you leave. All you need to do is book your flights, then tell us what you want to do and we will organise everything else for ...

  • meeting you at the airport

  • providing transport to whichever areas of Bulgaria you would like to visit; if one of our company cars is used for viewing trips from your hotel and around the local area, we charge 0.30 Euros per km to cover the petrol charges and wear costs of the vehicle. However, if you buy a property with us the viewing charge is fully refundable!

  • booking suitable accommodation for you and your party

  • co-ordinating your property viewings with our regional offices

  • We do not operate group or charter inspection trips, nor do we dictate where you go, what you do or which properties you see. Instead, we gear everything to your personal preferences and set up a trip designed to meet your individual requirements. With the benefit of our local knowledge and our advance planning, you can be sure that you will be able to see a lot more of our country during your visit and make the most of your time here. Our friendly and experienced English speaking staff are always willing to answer your questions and give you helpful advice you just need to ask them!

    Save time and money with our new service - Skype viewings!

    Just complete the details below and, if you have already made partial plans for your trip, let us know and we'll try to fill in the gaps to make sure that you can enjoy a fully personalised viewing trip to Bulgaria.

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    Thousands of Bulgarians leave the country annually in search of a better life abroad. But Bulgaria is not just a country of departing people - many foreigners come to live in it too. TV ZDF meets us with such a German immigrant.

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    Depending on the level of pollution, the beaches are categorized as poor, satisfactory, good and excellent. This year, 13 beaches along the native Black Sea coast can boast the international blue flag "eco-certificate". By comparison, they are 519 in Greece.

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