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Latest Reports

Vacation Homes in Bulgaria in 2022 - a new chapter for this market segment

Vacation homes in Bulgaria both in the sea and mountain resorts are going through a real boom in demand.

One of the reasons for this is the COVID-

The housing market in Sofia in 2022: Accelerated price growth and slowdown in sales volume

In the first half of the year, we observed a real estate market in the Bulgarian capital, characterized by very high demand and insufficient s

Property market in Veliko Tarnovo area - analysis

The new regional Manager of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES for Veliko Tarnovo and Garbovo - Dimitar Pavlov - analyzes the market of housing and rural houses in

The housing market in Bulgaria in 2021/2022 - overview and forecast

Record sales volumes, strong demand, exceeding supply and accelerating price growth - this is how we can briefly describe the housing market in 2021.

How Covid pandemic affected Bulgaria’s property market and house prices?

From negative forecasts and expectations for possible price drops to a surprisingly high market activity, here’s a detailed review of how the property

Borovets has been the hit on the Bulgarian property market this Summer

After the growth in demand for rural houses, here comes a new trend on the Bulgarian real estate market - buyers' focus has now turned to the mountain

Coronacrisis has a healing effect on the Bulgarian real estate market

'It is still not clear if there will be a cure for the coronavirus any time soon, but the pandemic itself has become a cure for the Bulgarian real est

New property season starts in Bulgaria

The state of emergency in Bulgaria is now over and our country is gradually returning to a normal rhythm of life with an epidemic emergency situation

Sofia Property Market in Q1 2020: Active sales and price growth followed by a pause after lockdown

High activity during the first 3 months of the year and acceleration of the price growth to about 4% on an annual basis.

This is how the real esta

Virtual property tours are a hit on the market!

In the current state of emergency, there is almost no sphere of life and business that does not require rapid change and quick introduction of the use

Bulgarian property market during Covid-19 pandemic

In the current state of emergency, we continue to closely monitor the property market to provide you with timely, objective and accurate information o

The Winners in the 12th BULGARIAN PROPERTIES Annual Awards

At the end of the year it's time for annual reviews and awards for the top performers.

We would like to present you the winners in BULGARIAN PROPE

The Residential Market in Sofia in Q3 of 2019 and Perspectives for 2020

At the end of the year we start presenting you market data and specialized reports to keep you informed about the current trends and the expectations

Tips from an Experienced Holiday Home Owner in Bulgaria

We are always happy when we receive feedback from our clients and they share their personal experience of acquiring real estate and living in Bulgaria

The Residential Market in Sofia in Q1 of 2019 - Increased Activity and Unchanged Prices


It seems that 2019 will bring the long-awaited market equilibrium through a balance between supply and demand while maintaining stable prope

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES with Awards for Agency and Broker of the Year!

We are extremely proud to share with you that we have been awarded with the two most prestigious awards in the Annual Awards in the real estate sector

Holiday homes in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria - a new wave of deals in 2018

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES provides you a one-stop service, and our reports and market updates are a valuable part of it. Today we take you to Sunny Beach a

The Housing Market in Sofia - Current Trends and Perspectives

We can say that 2018 was successful, interesting and dynamic for the real estate market in Sofia, but with much smoother growth of all indicators, as

The Real Estate Market in Varna

Kalin Chernev, BULGARIAN PROPERTIES Varna Regional Manager, talks about the market in the Bulgarian sea capital, almost a year after he became a head

Winter season 2018-2019: where to buy ski property in Bulgaria?

The three biggest winter resorts in Bulgaria - Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo already expect the thousands of tourists who will visit them in the comi