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Latest Reports

Inflation slowdown: How does it affect the real estate market?

At the start of 2024 the real estate market in Bulgaria continues to show promising signs of stability and growth, providing unique opportunities for

Polina Stoykova for Euronews Bulgaria: Now is an ideal time to sell property

"The market did calm down at the end of last year and we ended up with 6-8% price growth in Sofia and Plovdiv, and a bit more in some other cities."

The housing market in Bulgaria at the start of 2024 - summary and forecast

We have entered the third decade of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES and the entire team of the company looks with faith and optimism to the new things it will br

The housing market in Sofia in 2023 - active demand due to favourable market conditions

In 2023, there was no major change in the housing market in Bulgaria. The year was relatively calm and balancing and will end with excellent market ac

What happened on the seaside holiday property market in 2023?

Polina Stoykova joins us from Sveti Vlas to tell you what happened on the beach holiday property market last summer.

The holiday property marke

Key Extras for Your Beach Holiday Home in Bulgaria

With summer season already here, it's the perfect time to start planning your beach getaway along the picturesque Black Sea coast in Bulgaria.

The Housing Market in Sofia in Early 2023 - A New Balance Amid Active Demand and Better Supply

In the first days of 2023, the housing market showed great activity, which gave early indications of a positive start to the new year. We alre

2022 – one of the most successful years for the vacation property market

In 2022, housing markets in the major Bulgarian cities saw price increases of around and above 20%. The vacation segment followed closely thes

Sofia Housing Market Report: Prices Rise 23% in 2022 Amid Strong Demand and Limited Supply

The housing market in Sofia, Bulgaria, has experienced significant growth in prices over the past two years. According to BULGARIAN PROPERTIES data, t

The housing market in Bulgaria at the start of 2023 - summary and forecast

We have given a fresh start of 2023 - the year in which BULGARIAN PROPERTIES celebrates its 20th birthday!

At the beginning of this important year

Sofia housing market at the end of 2022 - a record price growth

In 2022 the housing market in Bulgaria became red hot, experiencing price growths which we hadn't seen in over a decade. This is a direct cons

Vacation Homes in Bulgaria in 2022 - a new chapter for this market segment

Vacation homes in Bulgaria both in the sea and mountain resorts are going through a real boom in demand.

One of the reasons for this is the COVID-

Growth in housing prices in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas

Тhe housing market in Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas closely follows the trends in Sofia and exhibited increased demand and limited supply in the fir

The housing market in Sofia in 2022: Accelerated price growth and slowdown in sales volume

In the first half of the year, we observed a real estate market in the Bulgarian capital, characterized by very high demand and insufficient s

Property market in Veliko Tarnovo area - analysis

The new regional Manager of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES for Veliko Tarnovo and Garbovo - Dimitar Pavlov - analyzes the market of housing and rural houses in

The housing market in Bulgaria in 2021/2022 - overview and forecast

Record sales volumes, strong demand, exceeding supply and accelerating price growth - this is how we can briefly describe the housing market in 2021.

How Covid pandemic affected Bulgaria’s property market and house prices?

From negative forecasts and expectations for possible price drops to a surprisingly high market activity, here’s a detailed review of how the property

Borovets has been the hit on the Bulgarian property market this Summer

After the growth in demand for rural houses, here comes a new trend on the Bulgarian real estate market - buyers' focus has now turned to the mountain

Coronacrisis has a healing effect on the Bulgarian real estate market

'It is still not clear if there will be a cure for the coronavirus any time soon, but the pandemic itself has become a cure for the Bulgarian real est

New property season starts in Bulgaria

The state of emergency in Bulgaria is now over and our country is gradually returning to a normal rhythm of life with an epidemic emergency situation