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Our site uses cookies for the purpose of improving its presentation, to provide the best user experience and to assist you in the choice of property.

What cookies does the BULGARIAN PROPERTIES site use?

1. Own system-required cookies

Those cookies are our own cookies, that are exceptionally important for the proper functioning of our site and without them its work would be impossible. We do not share them with any third parties and they do not contain any personal data of yours.

You can't disable these cookies because our website will be unable to function properly.

They allow us to recognize that you have already visited our site, to properly setup our communication with you, to keep any properties you have selected in your wish-list and to provide you with personalized site content.

In order for you to receive our offers that are tailored as closely as possible to your preferences and interests, we use the ai_suggest cookie. With the help of this cookie and state-of-the-art technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, our advertising and marketing content, which you see under each offer on the website in the section - Selected offers specially for you, as well as in your personal profile - section Selected for you, contains our most relevant offers for you.

2. Third parties cookies – they can be of the following kinds:

- Analytical

The analytical cookies serve for the collection of statistical information, that can be used for making general conclusions and recommendations regarding the site efficiency in view of the needs of the users, as well as for marketing and advertisement purposes. Such statistics include number of users per page, most visited pages, sources of the visits, time spent on the page, errors and others.

These cookies allow for the collection of anonymous information about the manner in which the users navigate through the website and any obstructions they may experience. For better precision our site uses the approved analytical instruments of Google Analytics.

We use Google Analytics to track traffic to our website and our audience profile. Through it, Google collects a variety of data (such as gender, age, location, interests), which we receive in aggregate form and in no way can we know exactly who the user is, which offers they have viewed or what other activity they have performed on our website.

- Advertising

In order to receive our offers which are tailored to your preferences and interests, we use ai_suggest. With the help of this cookie and the latest technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, our advertising and marketing content, which you see under each offer on the website in the section - Selected offers specially for you, and in your personal profile - section Selected for you, contains our most suitable offers for you.

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES uses Google and FaceBook cookies to show you advertisements that we believe to be relevant to your interests. For example, if you have viewed property offers in Sunny Beach on our site, then it can be assumed that you are interested in such properties and we will help you by letting the right properties in Sunny Beach find you by presenting them to you through personalized ads.

You will see these advertisements in various sites you visit, as well as in the social networks.

We have placed Facebook Pixel on our website, which triggers cookies that allow us to better manage our statistics - they show us the number of users targeted by our Facebook ads that interact with the website, help us optimize our ads based on the collected information, to set, measure and optimize the target audiences when conducting our marketing campaigns, as well as to remarket our potential customers on the social network. With Facebook Pixel we cannot identify the user, we do not even know who they are, nor do we collect any data about them, but we simply use the cookie to redirect them to our website during their subsequent browsing on the social network.

IMPORTANT: If you turn off targeted ad cookies, you will see the same number of ads but they will not be relevant to you and your needs and interests.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data stored in a file that websites place in the computers of their visitors for the purpose of storing information, that is specific to the particular user or device he/she is using. This helps the site to remember information about your visit, such as, for example, the properties you added to your wish-list, username and other settings. This will make your next visit easier and the site will be made more useful for you.

The cookies play a very important role and using websites would be a lot harder without them. They have been created to overcome the limitations of the web-technologies. The web-pages have no memory and cannot easily exchange information between them. Thus the cookies provide some memory for the web pages.

Most cookies do not collect information, that can identify you, but rather collect general information of how the users reached the sites, how they reached them as well as their location.

How long will be the information be stored?

The information will be retained depending on the type of cookies. The information in session cookies is deleted upon shutdown of the browser, while the permanent cookies will be valid for a period between two months and a few years.
The validity of our own cookies, depending on the functionality they implement, is up to 3 years.

How can you manage cookies?

As user you can manage the cookies used by deleting the cookies stored in your device or deactivating the use of cookies in the future.

You can control the use of cookies by this site and other websites by changing the settings of your browser. You can find the respective settings in the "Options" or „Preferences“menus in the browser. Here is how you can do that in the different browsers:

Cookie settings for Internet Explorer
Cookie settings for Firefox
Cookie settings for Chrome
Cookie settings for Safari web and iOS.

Please note: Please note that disabling the cookies entirely may lead to the website of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES not functioning properly.

If you are concerned about the third party advertisement cookies which we and other advertisers use, you can set your preferences and manage them from here: Your Online Choices site

PLEASE NOTE: If you disable the targeted advertisement cookies you will still be seeing the same number of advertisements, but they will not be relevant to your needs and interests.

Additional information

You can find further information about how the business uses cookies at: www.allaboutcookies.org

In case you have any questions regarding this Cookies Policy, contact us by email or call +359 2 9 11 50.

Last change on 21.03.2024
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