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Services we provide and our fees

Here you will find a detailed list of the services we offer and our fees and commissions.

• Consultation related to the buying or selling of a property – free

• Selection of suitable properties for sale and rent – free

• Regular newsletters with the newest listings and property market analyses – free for registered users. You can subscribe for our newsletters here

• Alerts for new properties matching your search - free for registered users. Register on our website here

• Alerts for price changes of properties you follow – free for registered users. Register on our website here

• Organization of property viewings– free. BULGARIAN PROPERTIES does not charge a viewing trip fee

• SKYPE / WhatsApp / Viber online viewing – free

• Meeting you at the airport, bus station, train station – free

• Assistance in booking a hotel as per the client’s wish – free

• Buyer commission: 3% of the property price but not less than 1,000 Euro, payable upon signing a preliminary contract, except for those properties for which it is explicitly stated in the offer that there is no commission from the buyer

Our agency commission covers many important services which we provide for the buyer during the purchasing process: organizing of viewings, search for properties as per criteria set by the client, legal assistance, full checks on the title deeds and the ownership, preparation of all necessary paperwork, negotiations with the sellers, communication, representation and closing of the deal.

• Seller commission – to be agreed between the parties. Read how we can help you sell your property

• Rental commission – for long-term rentals (min. 1 year) - a half or a full monthly rental price depending on the property. For short-term and seasonal rents - 10% of the total rental price

• Professional photos of the property – we can arrange a professional photographer to take photographs of your property with high-quality equipment - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Video of the property – we can make a video clip of your property with high-quality equipment. The clip will be attached to your offer on our sites and published on our YouTube channel - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Photos and video with a drone – a very useful advertising material as it shows your property from all sides, as well as the surrounding areas - from 75 Euro

• FOR SALE signs – we will produce a For Sale sign. This sign will be placed on a visible side of your balcony or window. This is a very useful and powerful marketing technique which will attract potential clients passing by to the site - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Fee for registering a Bulgarian company – 300 Euro

• Fee for providing an address for registration of a Bulgarian company – free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Legal consultation when buying or selling a property – free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Tax consultation when buying or selling a property – free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Deal representation – free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Assistance in drawing up the necessary documents for selling a property - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Preparing the title deeds - 200 Euro

• Drawing up documents for purchasing a property in Bulgaria - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*

• Acceptance and organization of payments via our company bank account - free for clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES*. All bank fees and commissions are at the expense of the client

• Assistance for insuring a property or other type of insurance – free. The price of the insurance premium is as per the tariff of the insurance company

• Other legal services – as per specific offer

• Accountancy services:
- annual accounting and filing of tax declarations of limited liability companies which do not perform any activities (all Bulgarian companies are obliged to file reports and tax declarations up to March 31st each year) – 225 Euro with included tax for publishing the reports.
- other accountancy services – as per specific offer

• Expert property valuation – prices vary depending on the property and its location.

• Change of the batches for electricity, water and telephone – 185 Euro in total

• Architectural designs – as per specific offer

• On-demand market analyses and consultancy– as per specific offer

• Project consulting – as per specific offer

* Clients of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES are all natural and legal persons who have signed with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES an agreement for the purchase, sale or rent of real estate on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Those persons who do not have an agreement with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES and are not considered clients of the company can negotiate the prices of the services above depending on the specific case.

Central Park - your New York in Sofia!
Homes for sale in one of the largest new construction developments in Sofia!

A unique gated complex recreating the style and atmosphere of New York's Central Park. Modern buildings, space, greenery and breathtaking views! A future icon of the Bulgarian capital that will bring a new standard for quality of life. Choose your home now - big choice and attractive prices!
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Unique residence in Old Town Nessebar
A property you can't find anywhere else in the world! OLD NESSEBAR only exists in Bulgaria and we have a unique residence for sale in this ancient city which is part of UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Find your home in a place of timeless beauty which has survived through centuries and has preserved the wisdom of many cultures and civilizations. Visit this traditional-style new build residence now with a 360-degree virtual tour.
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