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Taxes and fees for purchase and ownership of real estate in Bulgaria

The acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria requires a notarial deed, which is drawn up by the notary responsible for the respective area in which the ...

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From 2021: Bulgarian Passports Will Be Valid for 10 Years

The passports of the Bulgarian citizens will be issued with a term of validity of 5 or 10 years according to the requested deadline. This was decided ...

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Amendments to the Agricultural Land Ownership and Usage Act

According to amendments to the Agricultural Land Ownership and Usage Act, the following companies will not be allowed to acquire and possess ownership...

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Land ownership now possible in your own name

Buying rural homes or detached houses in Bulgaria got a lot simpler at the start of 2012, thanks to a change in the law that means EU citizens can now...

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Legal information when buying and renting properties in Bulgaria

In this article BULGARIAN PROPERTIES answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the legal aspect of buying and renting properties i...

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Healthcare and medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria

Medical insurance is a very important issue, especially when it comes to a long-term or permanent stay in Bulgaria. All foreigners residing or staying...

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Taxation in Bulgaria

In this article we will present to you the taxes in Bulgaria which we believe you will find quite useful, whether you have decided to by a property to...

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Notaries Public to Have Access to Personal Data

From January 1st 2010 the public notaries in Bulgaria will be granted access to the national register of personal documents and to the Population nati...

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Notary Fees Up from July 1st

The new higher notary fees will come into force on July 1st 2009. The Council of Ministers decree was promulgated on May 26th in the State Gazette.

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Annual Financial Reports for Company Owners

According to the new Trage Register Law that came into force in Bulgaria in the beginning of 2008, all new and existing companies in Bulgaria must reg...

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Bulgarian Building Terminology: Act 14, Act 15 and Act 16

If you have decided to buy a property and you are starting to survey the market you are sure to run into the omnipresent combination of words that are...

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Changes in the Trade Register Law

The changes in the Trade Register Law were promulgated in the State Gazette, Vol. 50/2008, in force from 30.05.2008

With the latest changes in the ...

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New Trade Register and Registrations of Companies in Bulgaria

There is a new Law for the Trade Register that came into force on 1.01.2008. This Law refers to the registration of new business companies in Bulgaria...

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Tax Conditions for Property Investors in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers one of the best taxation laws in Europe to stimulate economic activities, foreign business and property investment. The country is now...

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Rural Properties and Land in Bulgaria: Rural Property Purchase and Resale; Ownership of Land by Foreigners

Foreigners interest in buying houses with gardens and plots of land in Bulgaria is being driven by two major factors: their desire to own a second ho...

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There has been a growing interest in cooperation with BulgarianProperties. Thus, we give answers, ideas and information about the various options for ...

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PROPERTY FOCUS: Bulgaria's Ownership Act changes

On March 9, Parliament gave its final approval to amendments to the Ownership Act, opening the way for foreigners and foreign legal persons to acquire...

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New rules have come into force about the identity cards of European Union citizens permanently resident in Bulgaria.

The changes follow the recentl...

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Land ownership eased in Bulgaria

Individuals and companies from European Union states that are permanently based in Bulgaria will be able to buy land for a second home here, and will ...

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Foreigners will be able to buy land in Bulgaria

The Government approved on Thursday 2nd November 2006 draft amendments to the Ownership Act in connection with the changes in Article 22 of the Consti...

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New law on tourism expected in Bulgaria

A new law on tourism is expected to be drafted by the end of November, Mario al-Djebouri, head of the State Agency for Tourism (SAT) announced on Octo...

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Visa regime

The Bulgarian government decided to lift the visa regime for the citizens of the U.S., Great Britain and 11 other countries, Romanian news agency Medi...

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Working Foreigners

The Government approved a package of amendments to the effective legislation, regulating the residence and employment of foreigners in Bulgaria. The a...

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Tourism services VAT in Bulgaria changes

The value-added tax (VAT) for hotel services will become seven per cent starting January 1 2007, according to the VAT draft law accepted in Parliament...

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