The last month of the year is time to look back and take account of the achievements made. For us 2019 was one of the most successful years in the history of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES. We hope it was such a year for you too!

We became the Agency of the Year and reconfirmed the title with an enviable sales growth, greater than our bravest forecasts. We have managed to introduce a number of technological innovations to meet the ever-growing demands of our clients. And of course, we won’t stop here! Expect many more exciting innovations with the start of 2020!

In November, apart from the active real estate market in the big cities, we had an increased activity in the big ski resorts in Bulgaria - Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, where we have offices and excellent offers.

It's now time to find out who are the winners in the last monthly ranking for this year. Their names are already known, and we also know who is the biggest winner of the year - the agent who will receive the Broker of the Year award for 2019 in our Annual Awards in just 10 days. Stay tuned to find out their name!

Here they are - the Agents of the holiday December and their top offers:

1. Ivan Krumov - the familiar to everyone with his friendly smile agent of the hit complex at Park View Residence in Banishora.

Check out Ivan Krumov's offers here

2. Rosen Stankov - the person to whom dozens of clients gave their trust and with whose help they managed to choose their homes in one of our best-selling complexes Modera Residence in Vitosha district, Sofia.

Check out Rosen Stankov's offers here

3. Roman Kalov - he realized that Lyulin 2 was an excellent opportunity to buy at reasonable prices and was able to reach the hearts of all those who were looking for their new home in a finished new building at prices of about 700 Euro / sq.m.

Check out Roman Kalov’s offers here

4. Hristo Nestorov - our top consultant in Bansko, who manages to attract the interest of both Bulgarian and foreign buyers and show everyone that Bansko is a top European resort suitable for year-round tourism.

Check out Hristo’s offers here

5. Mincho Lilov - the agent for which there are no unknown properties in the ski resort of Pamporovo. You can count on him for great deals in this top resort!

6. Stefan Abanozov - our Borovets Regional Manager who has been closely monitoring the vacation property market in the area for years and has been able to offer you the best deals. One of them is his current bestseller - the second phase of the complex “Borovets Gardens” in Borovets.

Check out Stefan Abanozov’s offers here

7. Emilia Emilova - always searching and always finding the latest offers in the areas with highest demand - from Lyulin to Oborishte and from Vitosha to Banishora. She knows the Sofia residential property market perfectly!

Check out Emilia's offers here

8. Snejana Yankova - one of the new faces in our team, whose Sunday mornings begin with a tour of Sofia and an overview of the progress of the new construction.

Check out Snejana’s offer

9. Daniel Tonev - a person who with great patience finds the right solutions and manages to meet the expectations of all parties in the property deal.

Check out Daniel's offers here

10. Kalin Chernev - our Varna Regional Manager who is equally well acquainted with the residential market in Varna and the top resorts on the Northern Black Sea Coast.

Check out Kalin's offers here

11. Inga Novgorodtseva - the consultant for our exclusive complex in Mladost 2, who manages to listen to all clients looking for a property in Mladost and to familiarize them with the current trends.

Check out Inga’s offer here

12. Stoycho Bugov - one of our most experienced agents in Sofia, the guy who mainly works on customer recommendations and finds time for everyone in his busy schedule. A consultant who understands buyers and sellers equally well and always finds the right solution for everyone.

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