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As a leading company on the Bulgarian real estate market BULGARIAN PROPERTIES offer a wide choice of factories, industrial for rent and sale in Bulgaria. Moreover, we do everything possible to offer our clients numerous offers for factories, industrial near Dryanovo. This way you can choose the type of property that suits you best house, villa, plot of land, commercial areas, etc. set close to Dryanovo.

On this page you can view all our offers of factories, industrial located near Dryanovo. Each offer contains detailed information and photos. In the links below you will also find detailed information about all other types of properties we offer near Dryanovo.

If you wish to receive more information please contact your sales agent whose details you will find under the photos of the property. You can also receive advice whether the factories, industrial and its location will suit your needs and whether if you can rent the property out or resell it at a good price.

We hope that among our offers of factories, industrial for sale and rent near Dryanovo you will find the property you are looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Factory for sale near Veliko Tarnovo Near Dryanovo Factory for production of technical rapeseed oil for biodiesel Factory for production of technical rapeseed oil for biodiesel. The installation is brand new and ready to be put into production. The factory is equipped with two presses, each with a processing capacity of 600 kg. rape per hour. There is also seed cleaning machine and more
€ 170 000€ 150 000
2000.00 m2 (75€/m2)
Type of property: Factory
Nikolay Nikolov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
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