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Sredec municipality is located next to the most developed tourist region in the country – the Bulgarian south Black Sea Coast. The town of Sredec is only 30 km away from Burgas – the biggest port city with modern international airport and the shortest road from south-east Bulgaria to the south coast and Turkey goes through it.

Gentle-sloped hills and valleys are favourable to the development of hiking. The variety of game provides great opportunities for hunting. Fakijska river which flows in the mountain part of the municipality is a good place for camping and fishing and the lakes near Sredec and Momina carkva are the right place for keen fishermen.

The town is a center for a variety of cultural and other activities signs of which are the cultural center, archeological exposition, ethnographical museum, library, folklore song and dance group, dance group for children, students’ ecological club. Each May a traditional national fair for young talents is held and twice a year you can see two authentic Bulgarian customs – “Enyova bulja”/ young ladies go round the houses for health and fertility/ and “Kukeri”/all the people cover their faces with masks and have bells to chase the evil away/.

Places to visit

“Domils” - The town of Sredec is an ancient settlement started in Roman times and a number of archeological and cultural monuments reveal the life style, traditions and habits of the native people who inhabited the area during the centuries. Thousands of years BC an unique culture flourished, monuments of which have survived during the years. They are hundreds of tombs, constructed of several ashlars with a weight of more than thousand kilograms and still remain one of the most mysterious monuments of the Thracian culture.

“St. Petka” Monastery – A myth says that it was found by a native of the nearest village Golyamo Bukovo who suffered from an unknown disease for quite a long time and who was fully restored to health after washing himself with the water which still springs under the monastery church.

It is worth visiting the picturesque settlements in the region such as Fakia, Momina tsarkva, Golyamo Bukovo and many others that have preserved the Bulgarian traditions culture and history. The old churches and chapels reveal beautiful frescos.
The village of Debelt is located 25km away from the sea. The settlement exists since Roman times when it used to be part of the only Roman colony on the territory of Bulgaria. Today remains of an ancient customs, an old Roman public baths and castle foundations can be seen. Archeologists still explore the region as a silver treasure was found in 2002.

“Bozhura” chalet – located only 5km away from the town of Sredec is a perfect recreational area known among holiday makers and hunters.

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