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Dolna Banya is a picturesque town in the south western part of Bulgaria which is also a popular spa resort. The region is one of the ecologically purest areas in Bulgaria.

Dolna Banya is 70 km away from Sofia and 17 km away from the famous ski resort Borovets. It is situated on the north - eastern mountainside of Rila Mountain. The climate is mild continental, typical for the sub mountain layer. The surrounding forest reduces the rapid temperature fluctuations. In winter the temperatures are higher than those in the open fields and valleys while in summer the temperatures are lower. The flora is characterized by broad leaves and coniferous forests, meadows, rich habitats of herbs and mushrooms. The relief is semi-mountainous with an altitude of 650 meters. The town boasts crystal clear air, high negative ionization and no sharp temperature fluctuations.

The Dolna Banya spas offer abundance of mineral water and stunning scenery. There are geothermal mineral springs with water coming directly from the source with temperatures up to 67.8 C°. The water is used for curing a number of diseases, but only externally. The recreation campus is 5 km to the south, with many recreation facilities and children camps. There is a tourist challet called Gerginitsa (80 beds). Marked hiking tracks start from the recreation campus and cross Eastern Rila. There are beautiful rivers (namely Maritsa and Ibar) plus countless lakes making it a popular destination with fishermen.

Ever since the Bronze Age, through Thracian and until Roman times, the region was visited by famous kings, royalty, soldiers and many others wishing to try the healing powers of its spas. The waters here have proven curative properties, particularly for skin and joint complaints. Water comes directly from hyper thermal underground sources, with Pchelinski Bani having the hottest. Many tribes and peoples have left a trace here - Romans and Byzantines, Proto-Bulgarians and Slavs. In the past Dolna Banya was a crossroads of the old Bosnian Plovdiv-Samokov-Nis road which with its inns was an important stopover for spending the night along the Arnaout route.

The plans for the development of the Dolna Banya municipality as a resort are connected with the development of the Super Borovets resort complex, which officially started on October 8th 2007. Essentially, the existing resort of Borovets will become just a small part of what is planned to be built. New lifts and runs stretching down to the town of Samokov and the river of Beli Iskar will be built along with new apartments and hotel areas. This year the building of an 18-hole golf course around 10 000 m in length began on the land of Dolna Banya. Next to it functions an airport for small private jets where pilot courses are organized.

On the road to Borovets, in the land of the village of Raduil (7 km west of Dolna Banya), the building of a big horse riding base is planned whose area will be 700 000 m2.

Dolna Banya is a town predominantly making ecologically pure products. The town has a modern motel and hotels as well as good sports facilities - a stadium and swimming pools. The favorable climate in the region and the proximity to mountain village resorts provide good conditions for aviation tourism.

5 km away from Dolan Banya one can find the small spa resort of Momin Prohod which is renowned for its spas that have been a source of pleasure since Roman times. The main remedial factors there are the natural hyper thermal mineral waters, the mud, and the thermal procedures.

Another spa centre in the area is Kostenets situated in the Kostenets – Dolna Banya Valley along both banks of the Maritsa River. It is located 65 km away from Sofia and about 80 km away from Plovdiv. The town is only 30 km away from the world famous Borovets ski resort. The area of Kostenets is an established spa and mountain resort centre.

Only 2 km from the town of Kostenets, in the northern foothills of the Eastern Rila Mountains, is nestled the pleasant balneological resort of Kostenets. The mineral water is with a temperature, varying from 46 to 73 degrees Celsius. There are 3 mineral springs having a total outflow of 300 liters per minute. There is a wonderful spa centre with an outdoor mineral water swimming pool, an artificial lake, a tennis court, holiday houses and villas.

Pchelinski Bani is situated 8 km from Kostenets and is also a balneological resort of national importance. The mineral water has a temperature of 73 degrees Celsius and is suitable for the treatment of many ailments.

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