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Vasilyovo village is located in northern Bulgaria and is part of Lovech Municipality. The village is situated in the Balkan Mountain and is located 12 km from the town of Teteven and only 6 km from the resort Ribaritsa. Vasilyovo village is situated 80 km from the town of Lovech and 130 km from the capital Sofia. Near the village is to be found the highest peak in the region, namely peak Vasilyor - 1490 m. The climate in the region is conducive for year-round rural tourism, various winter sports and hiking in the summer. Here could be practiced fishing, and the rivers have a lot of trout fish.

The village of Vasilyovo is very old and in the region have been found remains from Thracian times. The local folklore is well preserved here, and the local cuisine is very tasty. Each year on 1st May here is held a fair, the other holidays that are celebrated are on September 6th, the first Sunday before Lent, St. Peter and St. Theodore.

Near the village could be seen interesting rock formations, which are associated with many legends. Nearby there are several caves known as "Semkova hole", "Babkata" and "Simeonovo korito". Nearby there is a spring, which from started Vassiliovska River. About 400 meters from this source in the waterfall Skoka. From the village of Vasilyovo start several tourist routes of varying lengths that can be made on foot or by jeep.
In Vasilyovo village and the region, there is a selection of properties, including different offers for houses and plots of land for sale. Those who want to buy properties here, and those who have property in the area of the village and want to sell it, can contact our real estate agency.

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