International Bid for Sevtopolis Project Starts

2008-10-02   |

The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture is ready with the documentation for holding a bid with international participation for the Sevtopolis project.

The working group preparing the bid includes archeologists, historians, architects and representatives of the Institute of Oceanography.

The campaign on the restoration and presenting of the ancient Thracian city of Sevtopolis started a year ago as per the initiative of author and architect Zheko Tilev.

Sevtopolis or the City of Tracian King Sevt III is the capital of the Odyisian state in the end of IV - beginning of III century before Christ. It was found and observed in 1948 - 1954 during the construction works of Koprinka dam but afterwards, however, submerged in the lake waters.

Now it has to be won back from the bottom of Koprinka dam near the town of Kazanlak by building an external round dam wall so that a kind of a well is formed on the bottom of which will be the ancient city.

The project of Zheko Tilev has attracted quite a lot of interest both in Bulgaria and abroad.

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