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24 chasa Daily, 18th April 2007

The long-expected construction of Danube Bridge 2 will probably start on 13th of May. This was announced yesterday by the Mayor of Vidin Dr. Ivan Tsenov. The former and present coordinators of the Stability Pact in Southeast Europe Bodo Hombach and Erhard Busek - are invited to the ceremony.

On Tuesday the Mayor of Vidin handed the writ of possession license documents for the building site to the Spanish company FCC Construction and the consortium between the French company Ingerop and the British one High-Point Rendel. These companies shall carry out building supervision. The building site is 92 decares large. It is near river kilometer 796, where the bridge shall be situated. After the writ of possession, FCC company can supply the site with equipment, and also store materials.

Representatives of the Spanish company have required from the Regional Governor
Krastyo Spasov assistance in requesting for temporary use of 120 decares in a Duty Free Zone. They shall be used for a concrete mixing center and steel parts production.

The bridge shall be 1971 meters long, with reinforced concrete construction, ensuring 2 lanes in each direction, and a railway line in the middle. The contract for design and construction amounts to 99,9 million Euros. The construction of the bridge has to be completed in a 38 months term. Offers for the respective infrastructure shall be accepted until 21st of May, 2007. It has to be completed until the year 2010. Sixty million Euros has been envisaged for it.

The Spanish FCC, which has won the tender for the bridge, is one of the candidates for the infrastructure as well. 32 companies of France, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Turkey have bought tender documents.

The lands are to be appropriated until the end of September. So far, the sums for 86% of the lots near the villages of Antimovo, Pokraina, and Kapitanovtsi have been paid, and for 73,5% on the land of Vidin.

The Council of Ministers is expected to take a new decision for the appropriation of lands that Vidin Municipality has sold to private persons and companies, said the Regional Governor Krastyo Spasov.

A request has been addressed to the Municipality for the consolidation of the common lands, which have been parceled out into smaller lots during the last two years, and for which a new decision will also be necessary.

Meanwhile, the prices of the lots in regulation near the ring road of Vidin have reached the record-breaking BGN 120 thousand for one decare. During the year 2006, they have cost BGN 80 thousand, but the proprietors have refused to sell on that price.

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The First "Bile Fest" - Herbs Dedicated Festival Will Be Held on the St. Anastasia Island in Bourgas


The island of Saint Anastasia will welcome guests with folk rituals for health and fertility in the first edition of the "Bile Fest", a heraldic festival, announced Burgas Municipality.

More than 50 participants will take part in the event with herbs and healthy foods, curative extracts and ointments, and will show the authentic ways of preparing them.

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Veliko Tarnovo declared historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria


The Bulgarian MPs unanimously named the town of Veliko Tarnovo historical and spiritual capital of Bulgaria.

99 MPs voted in favor of the proposal made by initiative committee representing the public from Veliko Tarnovo. The town was capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (from the end of the 12th to the end of the 14th century) and capital of the Principality of Bulgaria between ... read more

The French BiC Opens a Service Center in Sofia and Employs 200 People


French company BiC, which specializes in the production of pens, lighters and razors, plans to open a service center in Sofia, where about 200 jobs will be opened. This will be part of the company's BiC 2022 - Invent The Future plan, the official announcement of the company said.

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The film Omnipresent is Bulgarias 2019 Oscar foreign language film nomination


Omnipresent, directed by Ilian Djevelekov, is Bulgarias foreign language film nomination for the 2019 Oscars, the National Film Centre has announced.

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