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02.09.2004 True stories from the popular area of Elhovo

Bulgarian Properties Team

<I>The Mayor</I><I>The bar</I> <I>The centre of the village</I>

Many British families have already started dream lives in their new homes in the area of Elhovo. The big commune organises festivities, parties, barbecues in a new, more intriguing social life with lots of leisure time and fun!
Chris and Barry one of the fist people who have purchased a property in the village of Sinapovo - brought a present for the Mayor of the village. He was honored to have the town mark of Oldham. He was also invited by the Mayor of Oldham for a visit at the Mayors Parlour there.
Chris and Barry also presented some typical British ashtrays and mugs to the bar in Sinapovo. This is for the foreign visitors to use something from their country while tasting from the leisure country life in Bulgaria and for the Bulgarians there to see new things.
Bulgarian Properties team in Elhovo has lots of new friends and invitations for parties and visits to different parts of the UK.
Thank you for your hard work!

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