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17.04.2014 The Magic Castle in Sofia is a hotel and museum in one place, 31.03.2014

In the centre of Sofia, close to the hotel Hemus there is the first Magic castle built like the only one Magic castle in the world Magic Castle Hollywood. The building is expected to be officially opened in May this year.

The building represents a complex which consists of:
- 20 hotel rooms
- Museum-caf on the ground floor
- Foyer which is the old living room of the house of Mister Senko (fully restored)
- Houdini Club - a museum with a stage for magical presentations and little theatre.

The original house of Mister Senko was built in 1954 by the same architect who designed the National Bank in Sofia. Astor purchased the house of Mister Senko at the end of February 1989.

The constructed hotel is built near the house of Senko (front part, backside part and 3 floors above). So, the living room, two bedrooms and the basement of the house of Senko are fully preserved and integrated into the new building.

The building is constructed with reinforced concrete, bricks, plasterboard walls (interior), insulation 8 cm. The plans for next year include the installation of solar panels - the whole roof is a terrace where these batteries can be installed.

The interior is classic. The idea of the hotel rooms is to provide all modern facilities for the client, without outweighing the interior. The colour-grade is in soft neutral colours, the furniture is solid, in French style. After opening the rooms will be named after famous magicians and a part of the dcor will be in this style, too. The lighting is mostly LED (directed to the walls), and the rest of it - with energy efficient bulbs.

The building is almost ready, currently some additional finishing works to the club Houdini are carried out, furnishing of the museum, lobby and club. For this part of the building the investment company Red castle received a credit of 300 000 BGN from the Fund for sustainable development of Sofia - JESSICA.

Money will be used to complete the process of building the Magic Castle, with a focus on financing the activities directly related to promoting the development of cultural infrastructure. Future plans: carrying out construction-repairing works on the new developments with included museum part, supply of equipment, purchase of illusionists art exhibits, and providing easy access for the disabled people to the whole complex.

Part of the furniture and equipment for the Museum will be brought from the U.S.A. provided by the company Stage Tops USA (this is the company that makes world-class scenes for rock concerts, movies, TV shows, the Oscars ceremony in California and the Film Festival in Doha, Qatar).

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