Tender documentaion for the new Danube bridge in Vidin has been approved

2006-05-22   |  BulgarianProperties Vidin office

Brussels and the EU have given a go-ahead to the construction of the second Bulgarian bridge over the Danube River in Vidin, by approving the tender documentation.
Now the summer deadline wished by both Bulgaria and Romania for the start of construction works at Vidin-Kalafat seem quite doable.

The paperwork was approved after initially Brussels returned it for re-negotiation of a German crediting agreement.
Bulgaria's Transport Ministry said Wednesday they believed agreements with the designer and the contractor to be selected would be signed by the end of this year.
Vessela Gospodinova, deputy transport minister, said the tender paperwork would be sent next week to short-listed construction firms that have already been approved by Brussels to participate.
Bulgaria is to hire a company to begin construction on the bridge, which should be ready by the end of 2009.
The project will cost about EUR 226 Million, including EUR 60 M financing by the Bulgarian government. The rest of the funding is to be provided through loans from the European Investment Bank, the French Agency for Development and the German Institution for Reconstruction and Development.
The bridge will be a four-lane highway with a railroad as well.

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