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Sofia Housing Market Report: Prices Rise 23% in 2022 Amid Strong Demand and Limited Supply

2023-01-17   |  Polina Stoykova MRICS, Managing Director and Head of Research of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES

The housing market in Sofia, Bulgaria, has experienced significant growth in prices over the past two years. According to BULGARIAN PROPERTIES data, the average price of a property in the city has risen by 23% in 2022 alone.

This trend is due to a combination of factors, including a strong economy, low unemployment, high demand for housing in the city (including for investment) and most of all - high inflation and cost of building materials.

In 2020, the average price of a property in Sofia was 1,120 €/sq.m., with a 3.7% annual increase in the first quarter. However, the market saw a slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the second quarter with a 0% increase. By the third quarter, prices started to pick up again with a 2.5% increase and by the fourth quarter, the average price of a property was 1,120 €/sq.m. with 2.3% increase.

In 2021, the market continued to grow with an average price of 1,150 €/sq.m. in the first quarter and a 2.7% increase. By the second quarter, prices saw a significant jump with an 8.8% increase and an average price of 1,175 €/sq.m. The market continued to grow in the third quarter with a 7.6% increase and an average price of 1,200 €/sq.m. By the fourth quarter, prices saw another significant jump with a 12.5% increase and an average price of 1,260 €/sq.m.

In 2022, the market experienced an even higher growth rate, with the average price of a property reaching 1,345 €/sq.m. in the first quarter and a 17% increase. By the second quarter, prices saw another significant jump with a 21.3% increase and an average price of 1,425 €/sq.m.. The market continued to grow in the third quarter with a 22.5% increase and an average price of 1,470 €/sq.m. By the fourth quarter, prices saw the highest growth rate with a 23% increase and an average price of 1,550 €/sq.m.

The high demand for housing in Sofia has been driven mostly by local buyers. The city has a diverse economy with a growing technology sector, which has led to an influx of young professionals and families moving to the area. This has resulted in a shortage of available properties, leading to an increase in prices.

Despite the high prices, the market in Sofia remains active. Properties are selling quickly and there are still many buyers looking to purchase.

If you have a property for sale in Sofia, list it with us today for a quick sale!

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