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02.04.2014 Satellite city with 'artificial sea' to be built near Sofia, March 31, 2014

An investment fund is to build a satellite city near Bulgaria's capital Sofia, sources close to the entity have said.

Three billionaires are reported to be involved in the project, Bulgarian newspaper 24 Chasa has revealed, citing the sources.

Steven Lo, a Hong Kong-based tycoon, is expected to be among them. The identities of the other two could be made public later, as the project is to be introduced to Bulgarian authorities.

Steven Lo has held conversations with the mayor of Musachevo, a village to the west of Bulgaria and 21 km east of the capital Sofia near which the satellite city is to be constructed. He told mayor Miliyan Milev that his partners also own hotels in Macao and Las Vegas, but did not real their entities.

In October 2013, Lo was reportedly poised for a share in Bulgaria's CSKA football team. He denied those claims when he made a visit to Musachevo, but announced he was looking for 800-da of land.

24 Chasa's sources have suggested what the project might involve. Four 5-star, 30-storey hotels, four 4-star hotels, four 22-storey apartment buildings for sale and "a 30-da indoor sea offering imitations of sun, high temperatures, waves and wind" will be among the satellite city's features.

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers has confirmed that investment intentions have been declared in a letter to the government, which has been forwarded to the Bulgarian Investment Agency.

According to Miliyan Iliev, the venture now only needs green light from the agency to become an A-Grade investment.

The project is expected to be worth BGN 100 M.

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The First "Bile Fest" - Herbs Dedicated Festival Will Be Held on the St. Anastasia Island in Bourgas


The island of Saint Anastasia will welcome guests with folk rituals for health and fertility in the first edition of the "Bile Fest", a heraldic festival, announced Burgas Municipality.

More than 50 participants will take part in the event with herbs and healthy foods, curative extracts and ointments, and will show the authentic ways of preparing them.

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Every Third Property Inquiry Comes from the UK


Every third inquiry for a house around Veliko Tarnovo comes from the UK, according to data from one of the real estate agencies.

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Public Transport in Sofia is Becoming Greener


Public transport in Sofia is getting greener in recent months. This is why the new YUTONG E12 electric buses, which run on the public transport lines in the capital, contribute to this.

Changing transport habits is a very slow process that requires new behavior, investing new infrastructure, reported. YUTONG E12 buses run for 5 months now in Sofia.

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12 Wine-Culinary Destinations of Bulgaria


The 12 wine-culinary destinations are digitized and available on the website of the Ministry of Tourism. They have been developed under the project "Share Bulgaria", which is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests.

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