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Mihail Chobanov - the name behind the success of the best new development projects in Bulgaria

2021-10-20   |  profit.bg

Millions of square meters of sales of new buildings and complexes in the residential and holiday segment in Bulgaria for nearly 20 years.

This achievement of the leading agency in the field of marketing and sales of new construction projects - BULGARIAN PROPERTIES - is due to its specific know-how, experience and positioning as a market leader with direct access to major groups of buyers.

The company participates in the overall process of realization of the new development projects with which it is engaged, and the main role in their consulting and preparation for marketing has personally the founder and owner of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES Mihail Chobanov.

As an experienced entrepreneur and investor, he "dooms" projects to success: his advice increases their added value, ensures their better positioning compared to competitors and allows for faster sales at an earlier stage.

"The huge difference and added value that I give to developers who realize the need for a real estate agency is that I have the very specific know-how to create and manage the process of a complex or building," he said in an interview for Profit.bg.

He adds that his previous experience allows him to put himself in the "shoes of the investor", to think from their point of view, creating and implementing the project as his own.

For the founder of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES, construction entrepreneurship is a complex and complex process, composed of components that are underestimated by all market participants, but increasingly important for buyers.

"We are the only real estate agency that has access to all possible types of buyers on the market," said Mihail Chobanov, emphasizing two advantages due to this fact: the agency is the first to register emerging problems and is the last to suffer from them.

"We react quickly and adequately, we change the business plan and strategy - even the project, if necessary, so that we can complete it," said the expert. This is one of the serious reasons why construction contractors have to work with us, he added, emphasizing the extremely serious know-how of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES, which is behind the first sales of off-plan real estate in Bulgaria back in 2003.

On the other hand, the agency has been working from the very beginning with a system that manages off-plan sales - to monitor customers, installments and any progress of the project. "To date, this is considered almost normal for some agencies, but we have been using such a system since 2003, which is indicative," said Chobanov.

"Thanks to my personal expertise as an investor, we have extremely great know-how in creating projects with the greatest added value, the best price-quality-location ratio. We are able to give the buyer 15% more living space in the projects created by us with 15% more ergonomics, more useful and actually usable area, of course, other things being equal ", says the founder of the agency.

The devil is in the ergonomics

At the moment on the real estate market in our country the demand is higher than the supply. However, this process will soon be reversed and then a word, unknown to everyone, will drive the purchase of real estate, according to Chobanov. This is ergonomics. It shows how useable the area of ​​the property really is. In the language of the buyer, it is expressed in the question "Do I imagine this property as my home?"

"If a bedroom is 30 square meters, but is in the shape of a pen, not even a bed can be placed in it," says the developer. However, this room can be 13 square meters, but made with engineering in mind, so that there is room for everything, explains the laws of ergonomics Chobanov, believing that it will be increasingly important for property seekers.

The new in the new construction - a ground floor apartment with a north bedroom in a building with a beautiful facade

The ground floor apartments are becoming more and more interesting for the buyers because of the possibility for to have a small garden, Chobanov points out in a comment on the new trends on the real estate market of new construction.

"All over the world, the top floor and the ground floor are the most expensive. On the top floor are the penthouses, and on the ground floor are maisonettes and gardens," said the developer, adding that the time has come to create such projects which will teach buyers to look at buildings differently.

Chobanov also debunked the myths about the southern apartments - so beloved by all buyers. "Both the WHO and feng shui say that one should be in a warm and sunny place during the active part of the day, but one should sleep in a dark and cool place, if possible to the north. In all our projects, the master bedroom is where it is - to the north ", adds the expert.

Another interesting trend, which is embedded in all projects on which BULGARIAN PROPERTIES works, is the hiding of air conditioners in special niches, determining the importance of the facade and its aesthetics.

The exclusive Vitosha View complex in Krastova Vada district, Sofia

The ideal apartment

100 square meters of living space with 35 square meters of living room, master bedroom with en suite bathroom (preferably with double sink), children's room with two beds, second bathroom (maximum near the living room), laundry room and not less than four squares and a half terrace (and at least 20 square meters, if it is on the top floor).

This is how Mihail Chobanov describes the ideal new construction apartment. He adds that his agency helps construction contractors optimize their projects, so that it is liked by the largest possible group of buyers. And then the fast and successful realization is just one step away.

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