Elena Makreеva is the new Regional manager of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES for the beach resorts


Elena will be responsible for the offices of the company on the Northern and Southern Black Sea Coast.

She joined the company in 2013 at our Moscow office and later on moved to Bulgaria, where she became a real estate agent in Bansko and later - in Sunny Beach.

In result of the achieved excellent results and her personal competences and professional qualities, in the beginning of 2018 Elena was promoted and joined the management team of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES.

As a Regional manager of the beach resorts, Elena will be responsible for our offices on the Northern and Southern Black Sea Coast and will focus on the growth of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES’ business in the region, marketing and advertising of our rich portfolio of beach properties, the management and coordination of our property agents, assisting in the successful completion of the property transactions of the local agents and everything necessary for maintaining the processes and providing an excellent level of service to our clients.

The new role of Elena Makreеva is a key one to BULGARIAN PROPERTIES and the implementation of the ambitious development strategy of the company, which is a leader on the holiday property market with well-established position, excellent recognition and experience. This role is new in the company's management positions hierarchy and will be reporting directly to the top management in Sofia. It will involve leadership and active participation in the decision making for the development of our Black Sea offices.

Education, qualifications and previous experience

Born in Moscow, Elena received her higher education at the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University, Lomonosov (UGS).

She has worked as a correspondent in Russian media: "Izvestia", "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", and has internships at the central TV channels: Capital, Ren TV.

The ability to listen to people, mobility, operability, and a lot of other qualities and skills, she develops during her work as a journalist. Elena considers the experience that she gained as precious and extremely useful in such a professional sphere as the real estate business.

On the occasion of her new appointment, Elena shared:

"BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is much more than a real estate agency and I am proud to be part of this unique company. Our collaborators are doing their best every day. Our brokers and attorneys never operate on a "sale at any price" basis. We manage and realize deals only with quality properties and full legal security, strictly respecting the interests of all parties involved in the transaction."

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