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16.05.2018 Daily Telegraph: The cheap European destinations that are actually worth visiting

The Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach, in Bulgaria, is - for the fifth year running - the best value


There are several signs that spring is getting into gear - the growing number of flowers, the hint of fragrance on the air, a slowly noticeable increase in warmth (although not this week). And the release of the Post Office's annual "Holiday Costs Barometer", which takes the financial temperature of beach-break hotspots across continental Europe, and works out where British travellers' money will stretch furthest in the coming summer.

It is a straight-forward but invaluable tranche of research, which assesses the cost of a sojourn in 18 different destinations by comparing them on the combined cost of nine holiday essentials.

These are: a cup of coffee in a cafe; a bottle of local beer in a bar; a bottle of Coca-Cola in a cafe; a glass of wine in a bar; a 1.5-litre bottle of mineral water in a supermarket; a bottle of suncream; a bottle of insect repellent; a two-course restaurant lunch for two people, minus drinks; a three-course dinner for two with wine.

The results are not exactly surprising. Of the 18 selected locations, the Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach, in Bulgaria, is - for the fifth year running - the best value (with lunch for two reckoned to cost 8.56, and a total amount for the nine items calculated to be 43.44). There is no shock here. Bulgaria's east flank has long been one of Europe's cheapest corners, and its continued existence outside the Eurozone (the currency is still the Lev, which floats at about 2.25 to the pound) means that this situation is unlikely to change.

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The First "Bile Fest" - Herbs Dedicated Festival Will Be Held on the St. Anastasia Island in Bourgas


The island of Saint Anastasia will welcome guests with folk rituals for health and fertility in the first edition of the "Bile Fest", a heraldic festival, announced Burgas Municipality.

More than 50 participants will take part in the event with herbs and healthy foods, curative extracts and ointments, and will show the authentic ways of preparing them.

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New 64,000 sq.m of Office Space in Sofia


64,000 square meters of new offices were put into operation in Sofia in the first quarter of the current year. Thus, the percentage of vacant areas is slightly higher - from 9.5% to 9.8%. Major clients continue to be IT and BPO companies.

A high percentage of office buildings that have been put into operation have managed to find their tenants before they open their doors. Because o... read more

Plovdiv 2019 opened doors to traveling artists from Europe


In the period June 1 to 10th Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 has welcomed more than 200 artists and musicians who came to share their art with the guests and residents of the Bulgarian city. Their international meeting in the European Capital of Culture recalls the image of the theater of wandering artists.

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Bulgaria is among the Countries Surveyed for the New Volkswagen Plant


The German carmaker Volkswagen relies on electromobility. By the end of this year, the production of "Volkswagen I.D." will begin.

As a result, the company will also build a new factory in Eastern Europe, and Bulgaria is also among the candidates, reports Deutsche Welle.

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