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BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is a Bulgarian real estate agency with offices around the country. The company has 80 employees and 15 offices and works in all segments of the real estate market. It offers the full range of additional services related to the buying or renting of apartments, houses, holiday homes, land, offices, commercial areas, investment projects and many more. Apart from the bigger cities, towns and resorts the company also has representatives abroad and a developed network of partners around the world.

Since its founding in 2003 the company has been focusing on two things – offering a wide choice of quality offers and providing all sales-related services. What makes BULGARIAN PROPERTIES stand out is the company’s long experience and detailed knowledge of the Bulgarian real estate market combined with excellent client servicing. The company’s organizational structure and its high standards follow the best global real estate practices.

Polina Stoykova – BULGARIAN PROPERTIES’ Chief Operations Manager – talks about the company to the specialized portal

Ms Stoykova, how do you select the real estate agents working at your company?
The must have a university degree in economics or must have passed courses for real estate agents in which they acquire the specific skills and knowledge.

Do you organize in-house training courses?
Yes, we have courses on a variety of topics – for acquiring marketing skills, sales courses, client communication courses, photography courses and many more. We constantly train our real estate agents on topics that are important for the profession. We train them how to make a property saleable.

What are the steps if a client decides to sell or rent out their property with you?
Firstly, the client contacts us and one of our agents, who works in the region where the property is, meets with the client to help them set the price and to record the details of the property. Then our agent photographs the property and writes the offer with all the details as per our requirements, because we have high standards for the presentation of our listings. What follows is constant communication with our agents who inform the client about interest in their property, about viewing requests and received price offers. When there is a buyer a meeting is set up for specifying the parameters of the deal, then a preliminary agreement is signed and the necessary documents are filed.

What are the steps if a client decides to buy or rent a property with you?
The client tells our agent the exact parameters of the property they are looking for so that the agent can find those listings that would be interesting to the client. If the parameters are not very explicit the details are then specified through consultations with our experts so that an action plan is devised for achieving the goal – the purchase or rental of the best possible property.

What follows is browsing of listings, viewing trips, and consultations. If necessary, we can also assist the client in applying for a mortgage loan. After the client decides to buy a property they pay a deposit for it and sign a preliminary agreement. We finish the deal by signing the notary deed and paying the rest of the price under the preliminary agreement.

After viewing a property with a client do you continue communicating with them?
We continue communicating with our clients not only after the viewing trip but long after the deal is concluded. We are there to answer all kinds of questions and give advice and to provide all types of services property owners might need – repair works, furnishing, insurance and many more.

What is the added value for the clients to use the services of an agency and not to look for or offer their property by themselves?
Real estate agencies did not come to be by chance but are the result of specific market needs which they must satisfy. Their role is complex and has many aspects:
- marketing – elite agencies must have instruments and channels through which to ensure the adequate and effective advertising of their listings so that they would reach potential clients. What is very important here is the drafting of the offer, the photos of the property, the advice for sensible pricing, the publishing of the advertisement in various online and offline marketing channels
- consultancy – to provide professional advice related to the legislation, the technical parameters of the property, the pricing, the tax and financial aspects of the property deal and on all other issues related to the deal
- commercial – communication and negotiations with potential clients, organizing viewings, assistance in negotiations between the parties, signing and closing of deals
- administrative – drafting a full set of documents and agreements, checking the ownership of the property, drafting documentation for the new owner, etc.

As you can see these services require knowledge and competence in a number of fields – law, marketing, finance, accounting, trading, etc. This is in fact the function of the professional real estate agency – to have professional agents and specialists in all fields related to property deals. And last but not least – all this saves time for the clients (for self training, for preparing the deal, for negotiations) and protects them from a number of risks.

What is your commission for the different services you provide?
All parameters of a property – its price, fees and commission and the additional expenses for buying or renting a property are written in each of the offers on our website. The main aim is to provide detailed and accurate information about the properties and the additional fees under the deal. You will find detailed information about our services and the prices on our website.

What is the profile of you clients?
They are both Bulgarian and foreign clients from different countries from around the world. We work in a variety of price segments and with different types of properties so our clients’ profiles depend on the specific property type. They could be young families buying their first home in the city or people who are about to retire or have already retired and are looking for a home in a tranquil setting. They could be business clients, investors or people buying their holiday home.

How do you attract clients in this tough economy?
We have access to a wide variety of properties. We can find properties as per the specific parameters of the client - at the best price in this economic situation and give valuable advice on how to invest their money wisely. As for sellers and landlords – we attract them with a powerful marketing and advertising package with which the property they offer reaches as many people as possible in Bulgaria and abroad.

Are there specific areas you are specialized in?
We are specialized in finding properties of highest quality at the best prices and in offering excellent servicing to our clients. And these are not just words but the company’s philosophy on which our business strategies are based.
A specific field in which we can say we have no competition in Bulgaria is the online marketing of our properties.

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is among the first companies to set up a corporate website for sale and rent of properties as early as in 2002 and today the site has over 45,000 property offers from around the country. Even now, in the conditions of a crisis, we keep investing in technological innovations, we constantly update the company website, we add new functions so that our clients can select the properties they really like as early as at the research stage. What helps are the video clips of the property, the professional photos, the plans of the property, the location of the property on the map that also shows all surrounding amenities and the infrastructure, the property’s characteristics, etc. The description of the offers on our site is of high quality and objectively reflects the condition of the property. At present our website is the most modern company website in Bulgaria and has the most properties for sale and rent.

Moreover, we are one of the few companies in Bulgaria striving to give the people in Bulgaria and abroad up-to-date and accurate information about the development and perspectives on the Bulgarian real estate market. This way we try to help clients make the best possible decision about buying or selling properties. For the purpose we have set up a special analyses and forecasts unit and we publish regular market analyses, we follow all market trends and we are in touch with the leading Bulgarian and foreign media on a daily basis.

Everyone who wants to read the analyses we have already published and would like to subscribe to receive new analyses on their e-mail can do so here:

In which price segment do you mostly work?
We work in all price segments – from the cheapest rural houses priced at a couple of thousand euro to luxurious and unique apartments and houses in the most prestigious locations. Also, we work with all kinds of clients from various nationalities which helps us keep our standards of servicing high. Our clients are Bulgarian, Russian, British and citizens of other EU countries, but we also have clients from Australia, China, USA, etc.

What are your advantages?
We are not your usual agents but real estate consultants of a new generation which is informed, constantly learning and developing and has the ambition to improve the standards of servicing in the property branch.

We will offer you:
• A wide choice of properties throughout Bulgaria.
• The best prices and discounts. We never stop searching for them for you!
• Honesty, respect and attention, because you deserve it!
• Reliability and protection of your rights and interests. We work for you!
• A full range of services when buying, furnishing or managing your property.

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