Bulgarian Properties will still be a top choice after Brexit

2020-01-31   |  Polina Stoykova MRICS, Managing Director & Head of Research

With Brexit happening today we would like to say that we are not stepping back from our duty of helping our British clients buy the best property in their favourite Bulgarian beach or ski resorts, or in our beautiful villages which they have always loved.

From day 1 BULGARIAN PROPERTIES have been specially dedicated to serving British buyers. Back in 2003 when we started, Bulgaria was not a EU member and yet it offered favourable conditions for purchasing a property and using it for vacation or permanent residence.

Now, when the UK will not be a EU member, we will be in a similar situation but with somewhat changed positions. Plus, the Bulgarian property market now offers an improved supply and greater quality of the properties on sale, still the best prices in Europe, much better infrastructure, available flights and a higher level of service in all economic spheres.

So, we believe that when now Brexit is finally a fact, this will give a start of the completion of long postponed plans and a new beginning of a long-lasting friendship and mutual exchange between UK and Bulgaria.

It's now clear that nothing will technically change till the end of 2020, so we would like to welcome you to have a look at our great properties for sale throughout Bulgaria:

Properties in the ski resorts
Properties in the beach resorts
Rural houses
Business and investment properties

Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have as well as if you are coming for viewings.

Bulgarian Properties - holiday homes, investment & relocation!

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