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Here we are - already in the third month of the year, and the real estate market in Bulgaria is gaining speed!

Contrary to the expectations for a slowdown, demand remains strong, and deals are often closed within days. Sales volumes are currently about 20% higher than at the beginning of last year as per data by BULGARIAN PROPERTIES.

In addition to excellent market activity and good conditions for buying and selling property, this month we can also boast of an exciting anniversary!


20 years ago, exactly in March, our site was launched. It was one of the first in Bulgaria and currently one of the most visited and most popular real estate sites for real estate in Bulgaria. It attracts between 15,000 and 20,000 unique visitors from all over the world every day and helps us reach the largest number of potential clients.

At present, in addition to a strong company website, we can also boast very popular channels in many of the social networks, followed by tens of thousands of customers and partners.

Over the past two decades, BULGARIAN PROPERTIES has been able to establish itself as the leading real estate agency, with remarkable achievements in the marketing, advertising and sales of properties in diverse regions and market segments. A credible and reliable source of data and analysis and a respected partner for a wide range of real estate market participants.

In our activity, we use the latest technologies and modern techniques, but above all - we do not stop being your honest friends and trusted partners in the real estate transactions.

We owe this to our team and our top agents to the greatest extent!

Check out our Agents of March:

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Unique residence in Old Town Nessebar
A property you can't find anywhere else in the world! OLD NESSEBAR only exists in Bulgaria and we have a unique residence for sale in this ancient city which is part of UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Find your home in a place of timeless beauty which has survived through centuries and has preserved the wisdom of many cultures and civilizations. Visit this traditional-style new build residence now with a 360-degree virtual tour.
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Properties in the Bulgarian Beach Resorts!
Check our selection of properties on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast! Attractive prices, regular flights to Burgas and Varna international airports. Perfect for frequent visits, summer holidays and more.
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Press & Media
Polina Stoykova and Mihail Chobanov on Bloomberg TV about the key moments in the 20-year history of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES

Mihail Chobanov and Polina Stoykova recently made an appearance on the popular show "ImoTiTe" hosted by Hristo Nikolov on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. Their discussion revolved around the remarkable journey of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES, a company that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

During the show, Mihail Chobanov shared how they developed a highly successful webs...

23 March, 2023
Company news
BULGARIAN PROPERTIES celebrated its 20th anniversary

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES celebrated its 20th anniversary in style at Sofia Live Club, with a star-studded event featuring top performers, gourmet catering and a fine selection of drinks. Guests were treated to an unforgettable evening of entertainment, with performances by the renowned Bulgarian singer Vasil Naydenov, Destiny Quartet, and Toma Zdravkov.

The ...

20 March, 2023
Company news

In March exactly 20 years ago - in the distant 2003 - BULGARIAN PROPERTIES started its activity as one of the first Bulgarian real estate agencies positioned online with its own website.

With the help of the Internet and the new technologies at the time, we were able to reach a huge audience of foreign buyers, who to this day turn to BULGARIAN PROPERTIES when buying or...

09 March, 2023
latest news
2022 – one of the most successful years for the vacation property market

In 2022, housing markets in the major Bulgarian cities saw price increases of around and above 20%. The vacation segment followed closely these trends, and in some of the resorts the increase in prices was even higher - by more than 25% on an annual basis.

A faster rate of growth was recorded in the second half of the year and at the end of 2022 resort prices reached levels not seen...

15 February, 2023