Bulgaria Among the Best Places to Buy Property in Europe

2019-11-12   |  isurfwebster.com

Over the last thirty years, opportunities to purchase real estate worldwide have really opened up to serious investors and those that just want to own property internationally to travel and vacation in ways that just weren’t possible previously.

Europe, in particular, offers plenty of attractive opportunities for international real estate deals, with customers from all over the planet finding dream real estate deals across Europe that they wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation property that you and your family will enjoy for years, a piece of property that you hope to develop and sell later down the line, or something to purchase strictly as a real estate investment the odds are pretty good that there are multiple properties to consider in Europe for sure.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy property in Europe today!


A beautiful Eastern European nation with a unique culture, some of the most incredible natural landscapes found anywhere in the Western world, and a developing tourism industry that is really starting to take off it should come as no surprise to anyone that Bulgaria is one of the best places to purchase property in all of Europe.

Not only does Bulgaria have an exciting culture and traditions that make purchasing property in this part of the world very intriguing, but it also has a lot of opportunities and an affordable cost of living that make it attractive as well.

The close proximity to the rest of Europe make it an exciting place to purchase real estate, too. The ability to take a two-hour flight to pretty much every major European city has the Bulgarian real estate market heating up faster than ever before.


Interestingly enough, Finland is also quickly establishing itself as one of the best places to buy property in Europe.

Short-term rental properties were always in high demand in Finland (particularly during the summer seasons), but the nation is starting to see a big influx in international investment in more long-term properties as well.

The nation continues to develop its tourism industry, has seen its economy grow, and provides easy access to the rest of Europe that makes it very attractive as well. You may not be able to reach every major European city inside of two hours the way that you can by purchasing property in Bulgaria but Finland has a host of real estate opportunities you won’t want to miss out on either.


t’s hard to find even a handful of people serious about purchasing property internationally that haven’t dreamed about owning a piece of land overlooking the Mediterranean.

There’s just something about Greece that draws people from all over the world that makes this European nation such an exciting place for international investment. The real estate market here has started to expand significantly over the last 15 to 20 years even though prices remain relatively affordable compared to the rest of Europe still today.

There are quite a few hidden gems located throughout Greece that allow individuals looking to purchase a vacation property to live like kings without a kingly stash of wealth.

Important Legal Details to Consider

At the same time, anyone looking into the best places to buy property in Europe without having lived in Europe or gone through the real estate investment process in this part of the world needs to secure the expertise of talented real estate lawyers to help them move through the process from start to finish.

Each individual European nation has their own rules, regulations, and laws governing the sale of real estate. Trying to figure all of these disparate factors out on your own can make the real estate process more daunting than it already is.

With the help of legal experts from Danailova, Todorov and Partners law firm you’ll be able to navigate the world of the Bulgarian real estate market without any headache or hassle whatsoever – securing the perfect piece of European property that you’ve been dreaming about without having to handle the heavy lifting on the legal side of things.

Find experts that can help you with the actual acquisition process, the transfer of ownership process, how to deal with establishment requirements, and any other intricacies you might need to tackle along the way and you’ll be good to go!

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