In 2018, 90.7% of Bulgarian Households Are Living in Their Own Dwelling

2019-04-16   |

In 2018, 90.7% of households are living in own dwelling and 6.6% are living in dwellings free of rent, according to the report of the National Statistical Institute.

2.7% of the observed households are living in rented dwellings - 1.9% of the households pay free rent and 0.8% municipal rent. 9.4% of the households also possess a second dwelling. 93.2% of households are living in dwellings constructed prior to 1990 and 72.7% of dwellings were built within the 1961 - 1990 period. 20.5% of the dwellings were constructed prior to 1961 and 6.8% were constructed after 1990.

2/3 of the households (68.1%) are living in dwellings with two and three rooms (74.2% in urban areas and 51.1% in rural areas). 19.6% of the dwellings in urban areas and 44.5% in rural areas have three or four rooms. 20.9% of the households possess garage (17.1% in urban areas and 31.5% in rural areas). 79.0% of the households have electricity, running water, sewerage, bathroom and toilet in their dwellings. There are considerable discrepancies in respect to the availability of the above mentioned facilities between urban and rural areas. In rural areas sewerage is available in only 41.2% of the dwellings, while in urban areas this percent is 2.3 times higher - 95.2%. 70.3% of the rural households and 97.4% of the urban households have toilets inside the dwelling. 21.8% of the country dwellings have central heating - 29.5% in urban areas and 0.2% in rural areas.

51.1% of the observed households possess car and 6.1% of households possess two or more cars. 14.3% of households cannot afford a car and 34.1% do not need one. Amongst the durables, those that are most spread are TV sets - 99.0% of households have TV and 31.4% of households have two and more TV sets. Refrigerators and freezers take the second place - 98.4% of the households (98.7% - in urban areas and 97.4% - in rural areas) possess refrigerator and/or freezer. Washing machines possess 92.3% of the households. 5.2% cannot afford such machine and 2.4% do not need it.

Without a telephone (non-mobile or mobile) are 2.5% of the households. 5.1% possess just a non-mobile telephone and 71.6% - just a mobile phone (households possessing two and more mobile phones are prevailing). 20.8% of the observed households possess both types of telephones.

PCs possess 55.2% of the households (62.6% in urban areas and 33.9% in rural). Still high is the share of households which do not need a PC - 38.3%. 56.8% of the households have Internet connection inside the dwelling. 64.7% of the dwelling in urban areas and 34.8% in rural areas have Internet connection. 37.0% do not need Internet. Air-conditioners possess 39.5% of the households and 27.1% cannot afford it. 33.4% of the households do not need air-conditioner.

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