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The Trakia highway will be finished by the end of 2009, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Asen Gagauzov has guaranteed. The stretch from Chirpan to Stara Zagora is to be opened on 5th October. This closes the public part of the first Bulgarian motorway which was started two decades ago.The Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev inaugurated a section of Trakia highway in Stara Zagora district. The newly opened part of the motorway is 15,640 km long. It has been constructed under the project for Further Construction of Trakia highway. The Prime Minister was welcomed by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Assen Gagauzov, the Regional Governor of Stara Zagora Maria Neykova, and the Mayor Evgeni Zhelev. The event is not only of regional importance, but of national one, said Sergei Stanishev in his opening speech. When it is finished, Trakia highway will connect Sofia with the Black Sea through the town of Stara Zagora. The total length will be 443 km, which includes the road from Kalotina (at the border with Serbia) to the town of Bourgas. The construction of 187 km has been completed. The implementation of the project will reduce the distance, the journey time and transportation costs for those who use Trakia highway, which is of great importance for the development of the economy and the tourism in the country.

The region of Stara Zagora where there are excellent properties is situated in the central south part of Bulgaria. The town of Stara Zagora is the largest town in the East Thracian valley and the fifth largest in Bulgaria in general. It is an excellent region for purchasing a property and starting business in Bulgaria. The town is a strategic crossroad of important transport routes from north, south, east and west. It is the central railway point of the whole railway network in Bulgaria, providing access to almost all Bulgarian cities and towns, so possessing property here is a good investment and very well recommended. During the years Stara Zagora emerges as a unique modern town, the only one in Bulgaria famous for its long straight and wide roads. The region is highly varied, offering both modern city life and vast areas of stunning and picturesque countryside. Stara Zagora is every bit as magical as its name suggests. A fantastic climate, superb communications and friendly locals are just three reasons why Stara Zagora should be high on your list of places to visit.

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The First "Bile Fest" - Herbs Dedicated Festival Will Be Held on the St. Anastasia Island in Bourgas


The island of Saint Anastasia will welcome guests with folk rituals for health and fertility in the first edition of the "Bile Fest", a heraldic festival, announced Burgas Municipality.

More than 50 participants will take part in the event with herbs and healthy foods, curative extracts and ointments, and will show the authentic ways of preparing them.

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Varna Highlights Walk - free walking tours of Varna (in english) - 2019


Are you curious to learn more about the Sea Capital of Bulgaria?

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Which are the 20 most Powerful Brands on the Bulgarian Market in 2019?


When consumers wonder what brand to buy, Bulgarian consumers are mainly guided by the opinions of friends, not the famous people who use a particular brand. This shows the results of a GfK study in Bulgaria as part of the global Superbrands program for 2019.

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