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Real estate near Bankya. Sales and rentals of properties near Bankya

The small picturesque town of Bankya is a world-wide known health resort. It is situated in the beautiful green valley on the slopes of the Lyulin mountain, about 12-14 km from Sofia center, at an altitude of 630-640 m.

The climatic conditions and the natural mineral water springs are favorable both for a year-round treatment, and general prophylactics or strengthening of the human organism. Bankya developed as resort for rehabilitation of cardio-vascular conditions with highly specialized functional diagnostics. It is good for treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, nervous system disturbances, metabolic disturbances.

Bankya is turning into part of the capital Sofia now. Being very close to the city, just 15-17 km from the ideal centre, more and more people are looking forward to moving and living permanently in Bankya. The population in Bulgaria has been living mainly in the urban areas of the country, to be close to their work places.
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