There Are Rural Houses in Bulgaria for as Low as 3,000 Euro


There are many rural properties in the area of Bourgas but the supply has decreased as their prices fell drastically compared to 2008. There are houses sold for less than 10,000 Euro in almost all regions of the country as in some areas these properties are the majority, experts from company BULGARIAN PROPERTIES say. Houses for less than 5,000 Euro are in a bad condition but have big yards and they are the main focus of attention.

The cheapest rural houses are in villages which are depopulated and are not attractive to Bulgarians. For example, there is a house sold for 3,408 Euro in the village of Belevren, Bourgas region. The price was reduced by 32% only a couple of days ago, its old price being 5,000 Euro.

Naturally, the houses located near the sea and in villages closer to the city of Bourgas are more expensive.

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