Property in Goran region for sale and rent

The village of Goran is situated in Northern Bulgaria and is part of Lovech municipality, being only 5 km away from the city of Lovech. It has a flat terrain and is close to the hill Kasabair, set 8 km away from the town of Lovech. The region has many pastures and meadows, vineyards and orchards. From here one can see the Devetashko plateau rocks. Here can also be seen various animals including rabbits and foxes, deer and field predators. The winter months in the village of Goran are usually cold, while the summer months are hot. The village has a library and community center. Its traditional fair is celebrated on St. Petkas Day.

In the area of Goran village are available different properties for sale, mostly villas and plots of land. In the nearby town of Lovech are presented offers for sale and rent of apartments. If you have a property here that you want to sell or if you want to buy a property in the area, the brokers from our real estate agency can help you either to find a buyer or to find the right property for you.

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