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The town of Dolna Mitropoliya is located in northern Bulgaria, in Pleven Municipality, and is adjacent to the administrative center. Not far from the town could be seen the valleys of the rivers Iskar and Vit. The town has an ancient history dating back to the First Bulgarian Kingdom and in the region can be found remains of an ancient Roman city. The places to be visited here are the church "St. Dimitar" and the Museum of Aviation. The region has four dams; three of them are organized for sport fishing. In the town of Dolna Mitropoliya there is an Aviation Faculty, a confectionery plant, a plant for sunflower oil and fodder yeast refinement. Each year in the town is organized a Mummers Festival on St. Johns Day, many dance and theater performances, competitions, etc.

The real estate properties provided for sale in the town of Dolna Mitropoliya are numerous. There are offers for sale of family houses, villas and apartments, and there are also offers for apartments for rent. Even greater variety of real estate offers are provided by our agency in the nearby town of Pleven. The prices are normal and are expected to satisfy the demand.

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House with a shop in the center of a village on the banks of the Iskar River Near Dolna Mitropoliya Solid four-bedroom house with large yard A two-storey house in a developed village 24 km from Dolna Metropolia, 36 km from Pleven and 174 km from the capital. Bus transport connects it with other settlements. The village has a town hall, churches, a post office, a kindergarten, shops, a restaurant, a cafe and a stadium. more
€ 26 800€ 25 000
216.00 m2 (115€/m2)
Type of property: Houses
Nikolay Nikolov Regional Manager, Veliko Tarnovo
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