Bulgarian mobile platform developer makes establishing link between employer and employee easier

2019-10-15   |

Applying for jobs using web sites has never been so easy and fast. The connection between employers and job seekers is facilitated by a mobile application developed by Tsvetoslav Zahariev. Its search engine is extremely efficient and saves time and human resources. The author of the idea is a software specialist who returned to Bulgaria after graduation and experience in Scotland. He created the nPloy platform especially for the Bulgarian labor market after realizing that there were many vacant jobs in this country. Tsvetoslav's aim is to give candidates an equal chance for the same position and to make requirements of employers more transparent.

"All the information is presented on one’s phone screen and they do not have to check various offers," Tsvetoslav explains. According to him, anyone can set key parameters for their desired job and the platform automatically selects the right proposals.

"nPloy is not the core of my current business; I created it so that a person could find a job easily, anytime, anywhere," the developer says and adds: "The application method is extremely simple and the same goes for the employer who can approve applicants with just a swipe on the screen. In case of overlapping interests, a chat link opens between employer and applicant. There, they can comment, schedule an interview, or exchange work files. The main thing I wanted to achieve was to facilitate the current labor market, because as an employer in Northwestern Bulgaria, which is one of poorest regions, I found out that there were many job offers in this country, but serious and motivated people are not easily found. We need to stop moaning and be more persistent and responsible in everything we do."

According to Tsvetoslav, there were many talented, knowledgeable and capable people, whose skills were not being used to the fullest.

"I went to Scotland for my higher education and I was studying and working at the same time. I was looking for jobs through specialized sites and found one that allowed me to study and make some money. I came home with the basic idea that existing opportunities in Bulgaria are not presented as they should be. We have a country that is aiming at a change, but still fails to show young people that this is the place where they can develop their potential. I strive to show my peers that there are opportunities in Bulgaria, as the world is united and very accessible. Bulgarians have never had as much access to foreign experience, knowledge, work, travelling and internships they have now. Everyone makes their choice but the reason many young Bulgarians go back to their country is that there are jobs for everyone, all over the country. I feel satisfied when I am contributing to society; when I am useful to myself and to the future of my family and friends."

English: Alexander Markov

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