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Situated in the picturesque and fertile Danube plain, the town of Targovishte serves as a regional and municipal center of the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria. The region is known for its both hilly and plain terrain. It borders with the towns of Shumen, Veliki Preslav, Omurtag and Popovo. The city of Varna and the tempting Black Sea Coast is 125 km away, while the border town of Ruse is only 100 km away, which turns Targovishte into a natural strategic crossroad.

The town is an ancient market settlement and a district centre. Today it's population is about 45 000 inhabitants. Along with the brisk trade development of the town, Targoviste is also known as an agricultural and wine producing region with plenty of artificial lakes and forests rich in game and picturesque landscape.

The natural gifts and the location of the municipality in combination with its historical heritage are premises for the progress and variety of the tourist activities. There are more than 30 buildings of interesting architecture in the old Renaissance section, called "Varosh". A lot of cozy cafes, taverns, restaurants and shops are scattered all over the town. Good railway and bus transport.
Mineral water is available at some 3 km away from the town. A real resort has been set up in its vicinity - an open-air swimming pool, a prophylactic house, a few hotels and plenty of private villas. There are good conditions for rare game hunting over 300 hectares in the region. Beautiful green forests massifs encircle all the historical places and tourist chalets.

Archaeological data shows that there has been a certain human presence in this place even during the copper and stone epoch - 5th to 4th millennium BC. Remains of antiquity of Thracian settlements (5th to 4th century BC), a settlement from the Roman epoch (3rd to 5th century AD) and a fortress from the Early Byzantine epoch (5th to 6th century) have been discovered in the surroundings of the town. A settlement from the First Bulgarian country, a settlement and a fortress from the Second Bulgarian country have also been discovered.

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