The town of Karnobat is located in the south-east part of Bulgaria and northwards from it starts the Balkan one of the most picturesque and attractive mountains in Bulgaria. Hisar hills raise to the south of the town and the valley of Mochuritsa river represents accumulative type of earth formations. The town lies on the main road connecting the capital and the Black Sea coast and it is 340km east of Sofia and 35km north-west of Burgas. Rishki passage connects the municipality with North Bulgaria.

The climate of the municipality can be determined as a mild one as it lies in the transitional continental climatic region.

The specific micro climate defines the growth of different grapes white wines are local specialty and the famous in Bulgaria Sungurlare Misket comes from here as well as the excellent Sungurlare Eau de Vie.


Karnobat municipality has an ancient history which dates back to the Neolithic age. Settlements and mounds reveal traces from the Iron Age and are real evidence for the busy settlements in the Middle Ages. The town of Karnobat has been Bulgarian ever since Khan Kubrat won a victory over the Byzantine in 8th century at the Roman fortress Markeli, ruins of which can be still seen. In the Renaissance the area becomes an unifying center for the cultural and educational development of the region

Places of interest

The town of Karnobat offers a variety of historical, cultural and architectural monuments which attract lots of visitors and reveal the authentic atmosphere of different ages from its existence.
- Markeli fortress a historical and archeological landmark which is an evidence for the rich political and cultural past of the country especially in the first years of the Bulgarian Kingdom.
- The Natural Science Museum - the exposition is settled in four halls, and occupies territory of 250 sq. meters in a building, in the Diado Dimitrovich Bair place. The collection consists of the sections Geology and Zoology.

- The Historical Museum the exposition comprises of archeological monuments, ethnographical and natural samples. Archeological findings reveal different aspects of the history, art, customs and funeral rites of the local Thracian population and the influence of the Greek and Roman cultures.
- Dimitar Polyanovs house declared a museum the only preserved house of the Bulgarian national Revival.
- The clock tower built in 1874.
- he old Turkish bath 'Sinanbeyoviat hamam' one of the oldest buildings in south-east Bulgaria
- he black mosque built in 1826
- The zoo

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