To the Greek and Turkish Border - 50km,
To the Capital Sofia - 250km,
To the Airport Plovdiv - 90km,
To Airport Varna - 420km, and
To Burgas Airport - 270km

Presentation of the town:

Kardjali is the main town of the eastern Rhodopy Mountains ridge. It is a well developed administrative center with a population of about 60,000 people. Currently the town is attracting a lot of investment, the real estate business in town is booming, tourism as well; business and commerce are improving.

The town is developed with good infrastructure, and provides plenty of places for sightseeing. A few of them are the Museum of history showing a rich exhibition of artifacts from the region. Another interesting fact is that the building was designed by the architect who designed the “St. Alexander Nevski” cathedral in Sofia.

Other sights of importance are the central church “St George” in town, which is famous with its golden domes, the medieval church “St John Precursor” and the monastery “The Assumption” which are temples of national importance. You can visit this link for some detailed information referring the town and the region.

The town and the region are also famous with its large lakes and white water rivers. Kardjali dam is the second largest lake in Bulgaria (28 km long). Its wall is the highest in the Balkans – more than 100 meters. The lakes and rivers are famous amongst anglers, boatmen and kayakers. Plenty of hunting grounds attract hunters from Bulgaria and abroad. The region has unspoilt nature and is rich in flora and fauna. The region of Eastern Rhodopy is the only habitat in Bulgaria for the black stork and white headed vulture. Climate is moderate, with temperatures a little higher that the average temperatures in Bulgaria, and at least 200 sunny days a year. The mild climate is great for vineyards, as Ivaylovgrad and Stambolovo areas are famous with the production of first quality Merlot and Cabernet wine.

Tourism is booming mainly due to the popularity of some great archeological sites in the region. The ancient stone city of Perperikon is one of them, the ancient Thracian sanctuary of Tatoul is another one of great importance. Not to forget the remains of plenty of medieval castles: Monek (Mneakos), Ustra, Patmos, Krivos, Vishegrad, etc. all nestled on hardly accessible peaks and providing visual connection between them for better protection. The ancient tribes of the Thracians and their ancestors have left a rich cultural heritage in plenty of stone sanctuaries, temples and carvings, the purpose and use of many of them still not defined and unpuzzled by the archeologists.

The famous ancient town - Perperikon

At a distance of 20km from Kardzhali is situated one of the remarkable Bulgarian monuments – Perperikon. According to the scientists it is an unique Thracians Castle, dated from 5-th to 4-th centuries B.C. The monument is impressive for its enormous size - 80m long, 30m wide and 8m high. There are 15 separated rooms, skillful cut into the rock - the throne-room, leaving rooms, corridor and stairs.
The experts think that this magnificent complex can be compared to such World famous monuments as Mickena, Delphy or Krith.

The Stone Wedding or the Stone Pyramids are near the village of Zimzilen. They can be reached through the Prostor park or through Solishte – under pick Ivanci – Panchevo – Kurdjali. There are colored in pink Pyramids – resembling men, women, horses, birds and etc.

The first route is one hour by foot and the second is two, but is more interesting!

In the area of Kardjali there is one of the natural phenomenon “The Stone Mushrooms” the reserve of very rare plants “Valchi Dol” and the bed of unique flower “Silivriak” or so called “Orpheus Flower”, the fields of snow drop, red peony, blue juniper and etc.

Here are build tree artificial lakes – “Kardjali”, “Studen Kladenec” and “Borovica”, inhabited by river-fish.

One of the most important Medieval monuments is set up also in Kardjali – The Church “St.Joan Precusor” in “Veselchane” residential district, completely restored in 2000. It was a back to 11-14 c.A.C., when the Church fortress around it change into Baptist’s residence. Founded tomb and discovered pieces of peculiar Baptist’s clothes, which are already restored, prove this fact. The hypothesis that the second Baptist centre is set up near Kardjali might be proved by the last archaeological researches in 2001. One the area of “Bash Klise” near Chiflick village another Christian Cloister Rose from the dead.

As a district town in Kardjali are set up the main health-services, administrative, cultural and science institutions.

A very rich collection of 30 000 exhibits is preserve in the local Historical Museum.
Belonging to different epochs, some of them are unique historical and cultural monuments.

The Devil's Bridge is near the village of Djadovci 5 km north from Ardino. It was built either in 17th or in 18th centuries and has unique architecture, emphasized by its three arches. The bridge is situated in a very picturesque valley and has unforgettable beauty and is one of the most favorite places for visit by all tourists. We can offer you several routes to reach that place.

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