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The small picturesque town of Bankya is a world-famous spa resort, situated amidst greenery and sunshine 17 km west from Sofia at the foot of Lulin Mountain. What best characterizes the town are the climate, the healing virtues of the mineral waters, the well-organized sanatorium and resort accommodation, the highly skilled medical specialists, as well as the numerous patients that have recovered after cardiovascular disorders or insult.

Bankya Beach - modern swimming pools with mineral water

The climate in Bankya is temperate continental with gentle mountain breeze, rich in negative ions and phonoceds. The average annual air temperature is 9.4 C (the average temperature for January being -2 C, and 19.6 C for July). The summer is fresh and cool; the autumn is mild and sunny, while the winter is temperately cold. The mineral waters are colourless and warm, slightly mineralized and hypothermal, with temperatures of 36.5 – 37 C and total flow of 24 l/sec. These climatic conditions are favourable both for a year-round treatment, and general prophylactics or strengthening of the human organism.

Today, the town of Bankya is a prestige National Center for rehabilitation of people suffering from cardiovascular and nerve system disorders and disorders in the metabolism. Bankya is also an international resort and has at its disposal many highly skilled diagnosticians.

The town of Bankya provides an excellent infrastructure for tourism, recreation and medical treatment, as well as numerous opportunities for entertainment. There are two medical spa centers, hydrothermal pools and modern sanatoriums, mineral beach, tennis–complex, National hippodrome etc., as well as numerous historical places of interest, churches, cozy hotels and restaurants able satisfy each guest of the town.

Besides there are dozens of cultural initiatives, which are organized during the traditional festivities celebrating the mineral water “Goreshljaci”.

The first settlers on the territory of Bankya were the Thracians, who came to live here 2500 years ago. Excavations near the area of Verdical revealed remnants from Roman buildings and walls, sewerage system and many bronze bracelets dating back to IV – V century A.D. Written documents certifying the existence of the town of Bankya are found in a Turkish tax register from XV century. In the year of 1969, Bankya was proclaimed a town, and in 1979 it became part of the capital Sofia.

Very interesting to visit are the church “St. St. Kiriak and Julita” and the “St. Petka” Monastery situated in the place of Klisura. The Divotinski Monastery is only 20 km away. In the region of Bankya there are also many eco tracks.

Bankya is world-wide known health resort. It is situated in the beautiful valley on the slopes of the Lyulin mountain, 17 km far from Sofia.. It is situated in the green foothills of the Lyulin Mountain, at an altitude of 630-640 m.

Mineral waters-slightly mineralized, hypothermal, hydrocarbonic-sulphate-sodiumt clear, colourless, with a temperature of 36.5-37C and very tasting. The resort climate is temperate continental a bio-climatic respect is qualified as soothing to invigorating. The average annual temperature is 9.4C (average January temperature is minimum 2ÀC, average July temperature 19.6C. The summer is fresh, the autumn warm and sunny and the winter moderately cold. This climatic conditions are favourable both for year-round spa treatment, as well as for general prophylactics and the hardening of organism.

Bankya balneotreatment resort, near Sofia is a resort of international importance. During the archeological excavations in the region many years ago remains of churches, ceramics and coins dating from the Roman times have been found. Bankya developed as resort for rehabilitation of cardio-vascular conditions with highly specialized functional diagnostics ( many for post-infraction conditions and heart operations, arterial hypertonia). It is suitable for treathment of cardio-vascular diseases, nervous system disturbances, metabolic disturbances.

An operating complex for recuperation, prophylactics and fitness of rheutism of children was found. The specialists are satisfied with the established durable positive results and favourable curative effect of the tratment of cerebral palsy of children, neurois, thyreotoxicosis of adults, etc. Good effect is achieved on functional disease of the nervous system. Annualy over 140 000 natives and foreigners visit Bankya. There is a specialized clinic for cardiovascular diseases and collagenosis of maturing at the Medical Academy- Sofia.

Bankya is turning into part of the capital Sofia now. Being very close to the city, just 15-17 km from the ideal centre, more and more people are looking forward to moving and living permanently in Bankya. The population in Bulgaria has been living mainly in the urban areas of the country, to be close to their work places. As result the rural areas of Bulgaria are populated mostly by older pensioners. Things are quickly changing now: the young and mid-age professionals with families are moving in areas near the cities and towns, where they can enjoy the beauty of the nature, providing healthy living conditions for their families, lots of forests and green areas, places where they can build family houses with gardens, safe for children to play, etc. In general people in Bulgaria are now fed up of living in the busy, noisy and crowded cities and many of them are looking to move out. This process is already starting, but it is expected it to boom in the next 5-10 years, as the incomes of these families are increasing. We believe that it is now time for the wise investors to start purchasing plots in such areas and especially Bankya. There are many reasons why this small and picturesque town will attract the new settlers from the city:

- Bankya is only 17 km from the centre of Sofia;
- The climate here is exceptionally healty and mild
- Beautiful nature
- Bankya is easily and quickly reachable by car, train, public transport (bus) or taxi (only 20 minutes driving from the centre of Sofia)
- Bankya is very well provided with local amenities, shops, entertainments, beautiful parks, resort infrastructure.
- The local price of the land is much lower than the similar but much overcrowded and commericalised villages at the foot of Vitosha mountain: e.g. Simeonovo and Dragalevtsi
- The whole town is supplied by gas propane network for cheap heating and household needs.
More and more nice built and looking properties appear in Bankya every month. This will attract even more newcomers from the city.

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