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Property in Botevgrad region for sale and rent

Located in the western part of Bulgaria, the town of Botevgrad is surrounded by mountains. It is part Sofia region and is approximately 60 km from the highway to the capital and Vitinya Pass. The bus transport is the main transport used in the region, as the nearest railway station is placed in the town of Mezdra, where to are available bus lines as well. The town of Botevgrad and much of its villa zone are supplied with gas.

In the town of Botevgrad, there is a library and a community center, several schools and professional high schools, as well as several technical colleges and the International Business School. Among the city's attractions are the clock tower and the nearby village of Skravena with three sites of national importance. Approximately 3 km from Botevgrad and 1 km from the highway is the suburb of the town of Zelin, which is surrounded by pine trees. The holiday of Botevgrad is celebrated on 1st December, while on Good Friday there is a traditional fair being organized here.

In the town of Botevgrad and in the area there are many offers of properties for sale and some offers for properties for rent. There are offers for houses and villas, and offers for plots of land. For those who want to rent or buy an apartment in Botevgrad, the brokers of our real estate agency can offer different options at a good price.
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