Currency Exchange Rates and Bank Fees in Bulgaria
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When sending money to Bulgaria you will be charged by both your bank and the Bulgarian bank. The bank charges must be covered by you for both sides. Our company bank accounts are in UBB (United Bulgarian Bank), so when making payments as per contracts concluded with BULGARIAN PROPERTIES, you will need to cover the following bank fees:

Tel: +359 700 117 17
Charges for receiving funds into a Euro account:
Up to 20,000 BGN 20 BGN charge
Above 20,000 BGN - 0.1%. (Max. 200 BGN)
Charges for transferring funds out of a Euro account:
0.15% (Min. 35 BGN, Max. 400 BGN)

Here is also information about the fees of some of the other major banks in Bulgaria:

Tel: +359 800 11 011
Charges for receiving funds into a Euro account:
Up to 10,000 Euros free
Above 10,000 Euros 10 Euros
Charges for transferring funds out of a Euro account:
Up to 500 Euros 2 Euros
Above 500 Euros 0.15% (Min. 15 Euros, Max. 200 Euros)

Tel: +359 800 13 014
Charges for receiving funds into a Euro account:
Less than 1000 BGN 5 BGN charge.
More than 1000 BGN - 0.1%. (Min 12 BGN, Max 200 BGN)
Charges for transferring funds out of a Euro account:
Less than 1000 BGN 30 BGN
More than 1000 BGN 0.15% (Min. 30 BGN, Max. 400 BGN)

Tel: +359 700 10 375
Charges for receiving funds into a Euro account:
Up to 100 Euros - free
Above 100 Euros - 0.1%. (Min 6 Euros, Max 200 Euros)
Charges for transferring funds out of a Euro account:
0.18% (Min. 22 Euros, Max. 200 Euros)

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