Comments by our clients

Comments by our clients

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By Ann from England, sent on 29 May 2005
I would also like to comment on the honesty and helpfulness of the Bulgarian people. We were in Veliko Tarnovo in February, and on our last night, I stupidly left my bag containing our money and all our passports in a taxi! To my eternal gratitude, one very helpful guy by the name of Shtelyan, who we met at our hotel, gave up his entire evening to help us retrace our steps back to every shop we had been into, and made literally dozens of phone calls to taxi companies. Several hours later, our taxi driver turned up at our hotel with my bag, totally untouched, and everything in it. The honesty, friendliness and helpfulness of everyone we met left a huge impression on us, and I can't wait to go back and complete the purchase of our house!
By dave, Val, Luke, Josh, & Sammy from UK, sent on 26 May 2005
HONESTY & TRUST???- READ ON......I have just returned from yet another fantastic trip doing business with the friendly, genuine, helpful staff at Bulgarian properties, -(thank you all once again!!)- and this time I took a friend, who knew how well bulgarian properties have, and still are,looking after me and my family in our business, and wanted to deal with them himself. So, after a busy day, we were returning to our rooms when my friend realised that he no longer had the wallet containing his 1,700.00 IN TWETY PPOUND NOTES!! He was unsure where he had lost it! Needless to say we retraced our steps back to Varna and through the city with no luck. Very despondent, we returned to the Hotel Estreya, and my friend and I went to the hotel bar. On mentioning his plight to the barman in broken English, the barman dissapeared in the back room, and returned with my friends wallet and ALL his money!!! The barman and waitresses were all laughing (happy for my friend),because they had found it the previous night, but as there was no I.D. in it he had not known who it belonged to!!!! I don't think you would get that type of honesty anywhere else!! What a great place, and can't wait to return to live there!!!!!
By Carole & John from W. Sussex, U.K., sent on 24 May 2005
We have just purchased a property in Gorna Vasilitsa and would love to hear from anybody who has bought in this village - were told that lots of Brits have bought here.
Many thanks especially to Konstantina and Polina for their help.
By Jackie and Peter Roberts from UK, sent on 22 May 2005
We would just like to say a big thank you to everybody at Bulgarian Properties in Sofia and Borovets who made the purchase of our property in Gorna Vasiltsa, near Kostenets so simple. We completed on the sale just before Christmas and have just received some photo's of the renovations(looking good). We would especially like to thank Konstantina as she is always there to help with any queries or problems we have about anything.

We would recommend Bulgarian Properties to anybody.

Please get in touch if you have purchased a house in or around Gorna Vasilitsa.
By Roy Skyner and Eunice Hickling from UK, sent on 13 May 2005
We too are happy with service and cheerfullness of the staff at the Varna office espcially Petya and Kushya manythanks for your help The local people in our village are so helpfull
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