Comments by our clients

Comments by our clients

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By Jeanette (Bobbie) from uk, sent on 13 Jul 2004
Zdravey! to all at Elhovo office. Many thanks for your help and patience and a big thank you must go to Polina, who I never met, but who did all the hard work leading up to my visit. My daughter and I went out in June and I ended up buying on the 2nd day!I bought a lovely house in Jrebino and cannot wait to go out again in September with my partner to show him. When out in June we shared visits with Johnathon who hopefully I can meet up with again in September and anyone else in and around Les+Helen-Wendy-Jan etc. All The Bulgarian People I met were very Friendly and will be to anyone who makes that extra effort to communicate in their own language. Hope Stillion (or stallion as my daughter called him)is driving safely and Reneta is eating in between questions! Can't wait to see you all again as my Partner and his Brother are interested in buying also. So until then.'tfao!
By Les and Helen from England, sent on 11 Jul 2004
We were over in Bulgaria in June and bought a house in Razdel near Elhovo.
Our sincere thanks to Elvira and the team, you made the purchase so painless.
We can't wait to be back in September and spend some time in our new house.
Has anyone else bought close by, we will be glad to hear from you.
Many Thanks Once Again.
By Wendy Clover from UK, sent on 05 Jul 2004
I would like to send my sincere thanks to you for staff in Elhovo - Dido, Christian, Renee, Elvira, etc. Sorry if any names spelt wrong , they are a credit to your company and go far beyond their job to be helpful, kind in everything they do. I have been over three times now and have just purchased my second property.
Many thanks again!
By Jan Coe from Guernsey, sent on 02 Jul 2004
We are leaving to drive down to Sinapovo near Elhovo on Monday 5 July, and wonder if any-one will be out there at the same time.
If so, would like to meet up at the resturant in Elhovo at the weekend to share experiences etc.
A really big THANK YOU to all at Bulgarian Properties for all your help and understanding of all my insane questions. See you soon

By Bruce and Claire from UK, sent on 02 Jul 2004
We just wanted to say thanks to Nick and everyone at the Varna office for the help they gave us in buying some land right on the sea at Byala, we can't wait to build. Thanks for helping us through the process, which was slower than expected but only because so many people want to buy in the area. We look forward to spending some time in Bulgaria in the future and are now thinking of buying some land in the mountains.
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