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Comments by our clients

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By Ron and Lyn from UK, sent on 03 Sept 2004
Bravo, Victor from the Sofia office!!! Victor has spent three very trying months with us and has stood by us through thick and thin. With the first property we wanted, the owner changed his mind, then we lost out on two others for being too slow. Nothing phased Victor and nothing was ever too much trouble. We can not sing his praises enough, as he perservered where most agents would have given up on us.
Thank you ever so much, Victor and if you ever need a reference we'd be proud to give it!
By Liz and Sam from Scotland, sent on 31 Aug 2004
We purchased a house in Veselle at the begining of the year and stayed there in July, I want to thank Robert from the Bourgas office for ensuring the toilet and shower room were installed for us on our return. There were some anxious times but it all turned out well. I believe another couple have bought in our village, we would love to hear from you!!!We will be over on 20th September
Thanks again folks for all your hard work and efforts.
By Liz Williams from Shropshire UK, sent on 31 Aug 2004
I have just arrived back from Bulgaria after my first visit flying through for 2 days. I met with the team from Valiko Tarnovo and they were all very proffesional. Would like to say a special thanks to Rosi who babysat me the whole time and handled everthing expertly, organising hotels, travel, paperwork and lots of other personal things like teaching me how to use the phones and the best food to choose in the resturant, all the things that make a visit a positive experience. I am buying a property near Troyan and it has all been done with very little involvment by myself. The costs are fair and explained in full, the photos of the property were excact replicas of the property and nothing was hidden, I was given a realistic idea of the state of the property and nothing was glossed over.
I will be happy to correspond with anyone wanting to know more of my experiance. And am planning a festival at the house for easter all welcome.
I feel I have made friends in Bulgaria already and am looking forward to a short return visit in late September.
By Phil and Chris from Northampton from UK, sent on 30 Aug 2004
We have purchased a lovely house in Malomir, which is being renovated by local builders, prior to our move over there next spring. The team in Elhovo are first class, looking after all the details and always on hand to advise.Met Mihail very briefly when he was visiting Elhovo, still to meet up with Polina,who dealt with our initial enquiry, but no doubt will one day.
We are returning to Malomir in early October, to show our younger son the house, as he hasn't seen it yet and of course to see how the builders have got on.
Look forward to seing the Elhovo team and hope to meet up with some other Ex-pats.
Anyone looking to buy or already bought in Malomir or nearby, please get in touch, we can swap experiences, meet up for socials.
By Steve & Alice Willerton from UK, sent on 27 Aug 2004
We have just paid a deposit on a house in Plodviv and are looking forward to going out to finalise things on the 14th September. The English need to take note of how quickly you can buy a home for. Martin at Sofia office has been a true gem,I am sure he is sick of us phoning him 2-3 times a day to ask questions! But he is a true proffessinal and I look forward to letting you all know how we get on and if there is anyone buyng a home near Plodviv please let us know how you get on.
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