Veselina Angelova, Trud daily (18 March 2004)

We chose the sunny Bulgaria to spend our old age. Your country is enchantingly beautiful a piece of the paradise. We live in peace and abundance and we dont miss anything. The nature and the climate are wonderful, the people are so nice. This are words of British pensioners, who since the previous summer live in the village of Beljakovets, region of Veliko Tarnovo. The village is only 3 km away from the old capital of Bulgaria and already welcomes four retired English families.
Stanley Thompson, 59 and his wife Jane live in a house, which they bought for 12 000 GBP. Their fellow country people Alan and Patricia Thornton have purchased a beautiful two-story villa with garden for 50 000 USD.
All the time they say its very cheap here. They spend 1800 2000 BGN (apprx. 1000 Euros) a month. Four-five times a week they have supper in the restaurant Lucky Man in Veliko Tarnovo and they love to go to mechanas with live music. Often they go on excursions around the country. Some of them have personal farms with donkey, pigs and hens, says Ilia Danev from Beljakovets, a close friend to the foreigners.
In what country we live in! We hardly live through the month with our pensions, our children go to work abroad, while the foreigners buy houses here! are some of the comments of the local people.

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